Controlling Cloud Costs:
3 Insider Tips for IT & Finance Leaders

Are your cloud costs rising? As companies grow increasingly dependent on the cloud, they face higher costs and increasing pressures to get a handle on them. ZK Research offers insider tips for managing cloud expenses while ensuring you get the digital innovation you need.

Why Cloud Costs are Problematic

Cloud overspending by as much as 70% is commonplace 


of cloud licenses
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3 Insider Tips for Cloud Control

1. Start with the Cloud
Optimizing cloud services (IaaS, SaaS) yields a higher cost savings on average when compared to optimizing other IT services. Start with the cloud and then work on reducing the costs of your mobile and telecom costs.

2. Don’t Do It Yourself
Inhouse dashboards don’t include all the insights you’ll need to cut cloud costs and make more efficient use of existing services. Rely on a Cloud Expense Management platform to deliver meaningful recommendations on how to optimize cloud.

3. Insights are Easy – Action is Hard
AI can find potential cost savings — the real challenge is turning information into dollars and accelerating time-to-savings. Cloud cost management consultancies offer support services as well as automated processes.

Cloud Expense Management:
How New Solutions Govern Cloud Costs


Sees the corporate cloud estate holistically but also granularly


Discovers redundant SaaS/UCaaS apps that negatively impact budgets


Pinpoints underused IaaS services that contribute to overspending


Offers data-driven suggestions to reduce waste and cut costs


Automates service modifications and eases management burdens

A well-implemented Cloud Expense Management solution can result in 20% to 40% savings and triple-digit ROI in the first year.

– Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Buyer’s Guide:

What to Look for in a Cloud Expense Management Solution