Tangoe One Mobile Now with Full ServiceNow Integration

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While Tangoe One Mobile clients have been able to leverage their own instance of ServiceNow for some time now, today we are announcing an enhanced API suite to support the full integration of the two platforms.  This means that a client can sync their own instance of ServiceNow to the Tangoe platform and can enable their employees and managers to self-serve adding and disconnecting mobile devices.  The complete end-to-end mobility management solution from Tangoe just got a lot more seamless and offers an enhanced experience for end users. 

The average business in 2022 has experienced in excess of 20% employee turnover. In some industries like retail, media, and technology the churn is even greater. This all means there are a lot of mobile devices needing to be wiped, recycled, and new ones set up for new hires. In addition to this trend, we are also seeing a number of businesses roll back their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies to implement a corporate-liable model given the BYOD administration and security risks yield little benefit and moreover, expose the company to potential threats. Now, the process to manage the “comings and goings” is fully automated, making IT teams much more efficient.  

Full ServiceNow Integration Capabilities

The full API to ServiceNow enables a number of tasks such as:  

  • line inventory updates;  
  • bulk device ordering;  
  • bulk line disconnects;  
  • bulk line activations;  
  • enhanced error messaging;  
  • bi-directional communication; and 
  • OAUTH 2.0 for authentication.   

Clients use their ServiceNow instance to order and manage their mobile program and Tangoe One is automatically updated. In addition, this new integration also provides the ability to incorporate details of the carrier billing data within the ServiceNow environment to enable seamless visibility to detailed charge data.   

Why Trust Tangoe for Mobile Management Solutions

Tangoe One Mobile has more devices under management than our next three competitors combined. Having pioneered the industry over 20 years ago, Tangoe continues to innovate processes that help IT teams simplify, manage, and optimize their mobile fleet. In addition to the software, Tangoe’s logistics, fulfillment and help desk services are in high demand from businesses of all sizes who are looking to outsource routine tasks.  

For a detailed guide on how to select the right mobile management platform provider, please refer the Buyer’s Guide for Managed Mobility Services written by industry analyst Zeus Kerravala from ZK Research.