Tangoe One Mobile for
BYOD Model

Tangoe One’s mobile software application is not limited to managing only a corporate liable model. In fact, enterprises are realizing increased productivity, enhanced security, time savings and reduced costs when leveraging our software and services to support a bring your own device (BYOD) model. Tangoe’s a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for MMS and our innovative software and complementary solutions support businesses of all sizes around the globe.

What does Tangoe One Mobile in a BYOD Model do for You:

Program Management

  • Create, track and manage Bring Your Own programs
  • Monitor program enrollment by user
  • Establish programs domestically and around the world
  • Track UEM enrollment of Bring Your Own Devices
  • Limit or enable eligibility based on user role or group
  • Limit devices you allow to be enrolled
  • No-touch expiration of program enrollment when employee leaves the organization

Stipend And Reimbursement Management

  • Establish reimbursement rates by user profile
  • Report and track reimbursement amounts in local currency
  • Automated, validated payroll reports for reimbursement
  • No-touch expiration of reimbursements when employee leaves the organization
  • No expense reports required
  • Direct-to-Carrier reimbursement for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile

Self-Service Enrollment

  • BYOD Policy acceptance and reporting
  • Eligible employees enroll in BYOD programs directly in Tangoe One Mobile
  • Flexible approvals ensure appropriate program sign-off
  • Dynamic Reimbursement amounts show the user’s eligible reimbursement amount, if any
  • Automated communication to confirm enrollment and assist in enrollment in MDM or UEM follow approval

Help Desk Support Services

  • Self-Service Tangoe Mobile Platform assistance
  • Assist users’ activity requests in Tangoe Mobile
  • Provide help documentation in Tangoe Mobile
  • Facilitate understanding company policies and procedures
  • Assist in understanding details of devices, lines, and memberships
  • Support users with locating activities in Tangoe Mobile
  • Help users with scheduling or exporting Tangoe Mobile system reports
  • Bulk activity creation for administrators
  • Setting up corporate email on device
  • Logging into MDM/UEM
  • Remote wiping of enrolled devices via UEM, if applicable
  • Resetting passwords
  • Troubleshooting corporate email issues
  • Redirect to Customer’s internal support desk
  • Additional optional UEM Services available

Tangoe Offers 4 different options to support your BYOD program

Fully Managed:

  • Employee enjoys the freedom to use their personal devices for work
  • Employee device is transferred into the corporate plan.
  • Mobile expense management included to gain cost effectiveness at scale.
  • Full visibility and support across the device lifecycle

Corporate Managed with Direct to Carrier Reimbursement:

  • Employee’s device is registered into the Tangoe One Mobile BYOD program
  • Tangoe coordinates and manages the corporate-provided reimbursement with the carrier; application of the reimbursement is directly applied to the employee’s carrier account
  • Use of direct-to-carrier payments for BYOD reimbursements eliminates the cost and management of BYOD reporting.
  • This is supported in the US with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Corporate Managed with Stipend:

  • Employee’s device is registered into the Tangoe One Mobile BYOD program.
  • Employee continues to use their own plan/line.
  • Tangoe provides reporting to support and facilitate the corporate employee reimbursement process

Corporate Managed without Stipend:

  • Employee’s own device is registered into the Tangoe One Mobile BYOD program.
  • Employee continues to use their own plan/line.
  • No reimbursement to carrier, expense management or stipend is extended to the employee by Tangoe

Tangoe BYOD Offerings

BYOD Model Employee bring their own device Device registered in BYOD program Employee brings their own Plan/Line Device/Line is transfered to the Corporate Plan Expense Management included Tangoe provides direct reimbursment of the stipend to employee's carrier* Tangoe provides monthly stipend reporting to the employer
Fully Managed
Corporate Managed with Direct to Carrier Reimbursment
Corporate Managed with Stipend
Corporate Managed without Stipend
*Supported in the US with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile