Year in Review: Tangoe’s Breakthroughs in Customer Experience and Cloud Expense Management 

2023 new image

As I reflect on the year 2023, Tangoe’s breakthrough achievements of the past 12 months are not short-term wins but a deeper culmination of transformational investments made over the past three years. We’ve witnessed how dedication to our company mission has transpired into success for our clients, employees, partner community, and our business at large.  

Some of our biggest 2023 headlines include: 

Moreover, in 2023, the market spoke validating us as the most trustworthy technology expense management provider in the industry, ranking us on top for continual service innovation and caring about our customers’ needs.  

2023: The Year of Elevating our Value 

For the last three years, we have been on a journey to elevate Tangoe’s value and customer promise. It all started with a fresh executive leadership team comprising of 66% new appointees, including our latest additions to the team, Chief Product Officer Chris Ortbals, and V.P. of Business Development Vikram Prakasam.  

With the right leadership to support our transformational corporate strategy, Tangoe has created more space for the company to foster a framework for superior customer value, a community of partners and mutually beneficial relationships, a thriving culture for our virtual employees, and a uniquely differentiated portfolio of products and services accompanied by strong market growth. 

Our leadership strengths and unwavering devotion have created stability in 2023 resulting in a long list of achievements with our product innovations and customer experience enhancements leading the way. 

Rising of the Tide with the Smartest Cloud Expense Management Platform 

Tangoe is the lead boat on the rising tide of cloud expense management, because we have continued to extend our product and service offerings into the cloud.  

But if you know Tangoe, you know we take an all-in approach to technology expense management, handling mobile and telecom expenses in addition to cloud expenses. 

Solidifying our Dominance in Mobile & Telecom Expense Management 

Our 2023 solution advancements helped solidify our position as one of the largest and best providers in the industry. 

Other notable moments include the fact that we named Avant our Top Partner of the Year and saw many clients returning back to Tangoe’s services in 2023. 

Today, our employees can look back on the past year with pride, seeing the real evidence of how Tangoe has elevated its value and position in the market. At the same time, we also look forward to 2024 and recognize that more exciting transformations are on the horizon. 

2024: Another Watershed Year Ahead 

As I look to the future, Tangoe will continue to innovate new product features and capabilities underpinning customer value and business growth. New customer experiences, expense management enhancements, and more automation in invoice management will provide customers near real-time visibility into the information they need to make smarter decisions about their IT spending and investments in new technologies. Existing customers will see a significant difference in data visibility, user experience, and workflows, while new customers comparing us to competitors will see a market-leading experience. 

And that’s just a hint at some of our product news in the near term.  

We will also focus on people, strengthening our community ties and employee engagement. Through it all, we will be reminded that transformation is a journey and our dedication over the next 12 months will reverberate for many years to come. 

Importance of Cost Optimization makes Tangoe the Trusted Guide for 2024  

Telecom networks, mobile devices, and cloud services are the backbone infrastructure for every enterprise. Consumption habits and spending patterns across these categories continue to increase with estimates of 19% forecasted cloud growth over the next four years. While infrastructure spending is growing, today’s macro-economic environment pressures enterprises and their business leaders to improve business productivity and customer value. Our clients seek expertise that can impact business performance, realize cost savings, ensure business continuity, and improve productivity.  

Our company is in an incredible position to support them in all of these areas.  

At a time when companies are embracing cost optimization to thrive in today’s digital economy, Tangoe stands a proven partner in helping enterprises of all sizes drive savings and efficiencies for the foreseeable future. Our mission is to simplify, manage, and optimize the complexity of telecom, mobile, cloud expenses and assets to improve our customers’ productivity, continuity, and business outcomes.