Breaking the Mold to Renew his Career: Joe Sartin Joins Tangoe as Director of Cloud Sales  

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If you know Newton’s laws of motion, you will remember the first rule of mechanics: “An object in motion stays in motion until it is acted upon by a force.”  

For Joe Sartin, Tangoe is that force.    

For 25 years, Sartin built his career on cloud technologies developing go-to-market strategies for a company now considered one of the largest Value-Added Resellers in the IT industry. But today, he proudly wears a new logo on his business shirt – Sartin is the new Director of Cloud Sales at Tangoe. 

On the surface, Sartin’s transition may appear to be a sudden surprise, but in reality Tangoe has been a force influencing him for years. His exposure traces back to his early days selling Tangoe’s technology expense management solutions but he was also an end-user customer. When Sartin ordered a new work phone, it was Tangoe that handled his company’s mobile device management services.  

Excitement Stems from Tangoe’s Alignment with Cloud Needs 

While Sartin has liked Tangoe from the beginning, his excitement for the Tangoe One cloud expense management solution blossomed through the trends he recognized in the market.  

“When you sit down and talk to clients and VAR partners, there are two things you hear constantly – cloud optimization and FinOps,” he said. “Tangoe aligns directly with those customer needs. Everyone here understands the direction the market is moving and where the opportunity is.” 

Sartin joined Tangoe because he believes the company is “positioned very strongly to build the business,” and the feeling is mutual. Sartin’s presence on our team is further evidence of Tangoe’s commitment to cloud optimization services and our ability to grow the business using top talent in the industry. 

Since launching our IaaS and SaaS optimization solutions, Tangoe has experienced overwhelming success. Sartin will serve in helping scale that growth further. Two recent studies performed by Foundry confirm Tangoe’s achievements: 

Cloud Optimization Services: Everyone is Rowing in the Same Direction 

In refreshing his cloud career at Tangoe, Sartin is now focused on enhancing the company’s foundation for growth in IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS cost management.  

“It’s been enlightening to hear all of leadership say it again and again — the cloud is our major focus. The reality is, you don’t always see everyone working together to reach a common goal,” said Sartin. “Organizations tend to have silos where some are bought-in and others aren’t. That’s not the case at Tangoe. Everyone is rowing in the same direction.” 

As Sartin gets his paddles moving, he brings with him deep experience in cloud growth strategies:  

  • Cloud go-to-market initiatives, managing sales operations and training, and driving the implementation of comprehensive cloud and enablement strategies across many industries 
  • Cloud solutions and services, overseeing the managed services sales team and cloud solution specialists 
  • Leadership for a national team responsible for maintenance, renewal and customer success practices associated with cloud solutions 

Those talents will serve him well in creating more speed and momentum for Tangoe, but it’s the client value that really resonates with Sartin. 

When Handling Cloud Costs, Automation is So Important 

“The FinOps methodology is critical today, because it helps customers get their arms around where their spending is and where their applications reside. Tangoe empowers customers to leverage the FinOps model and incorporate it into their business, so they aren’t managing expenses using manual processes and spreadsheets, which are prone to human error.” 

Sartin holds Tangoe’s ability to automate cloud optimization processes in high regard.  

“The automation is so important. If you can cut out all that manual data collection and monitoring while also putting multi-cloud information and insights into one dashboard, it’s such a time saver,” he said. “Typically, companies have at least one resource dedicated to this already, and we can elevate those employees into more strategic, meaningful work. That’s when you can turn cost centers into revenue generators, and that’s the value Tangoe brings.” 

Welcome to Tangoe, Joe Sartin. We’re so glad to have you, and we hope you’ll stay for the next 25 years.