Why More Companies Prefer Tangoe’s Technology Expense Management  

Tangoe Brand Study

In the technology expense management industry, there is a clear and dividing line between software that simply points to savings and services that deliver true business value. At Tangoe, we are committed to delivering more than just dollars and cents. We partner with our customers to understand their business and listen to the market, so we can serve as a strategic partner helping our clients make the smartest innovation investments. Our customer-centricity and human touch make Tangoe’s IT expense management services valuable, and the market has spoken validating us as the most trustworthy provider in the industry. 

Tangoe Ranks Most Trustworthy for Technology Expense Management 

A recent study of 500 IT, procurement and finance leaders found that these three top priorities shape decision making when companies seek out technology expense management partners: trustworthiness, the ability to deliver on their needs, and industry leadership. The research, performed by Foundry, found that Tangoe leads the industry across all three of these attributes. The majority (90%) of those familiar with Tangoe rate Tangoe as a “excellent” or “good” (7 or above on a scale of 1 to 10) with respect to trustworthiness.   

We believe this is because we don’t just show clients where the overspending is and walk away. We surround them with the support they need to make cost optimization an integrated part of their corporate practice. Take a look at our professional services, free cost savings assessments, bill pay services, and full-service cost management consultancy as just a few examples. We actively listen to needs and hold ourselves accountable for client results and business outcomes.  

Here’s a look at more of the key findings and how Tangoe’s services compare to our competitors.  

Tangoe Supersedes All Others as the Industry Leader  

Nearly all (88%) respondents familiar with Tangoe rate Tangoe as the industry leader. Tangoe is the most likely of all brands measured to be rated as a “excellent” or “good” (7 or above on a scale of 1 to 10) with respect to the attribute “leader in their industry.”  

Whereas 77% of decision-makers would consider Tangoe for technology expense management solutions overall, only 57% would consider the next closest competitor. This leading margin serves as an endorsement that Tangoe’s offerings are preferred in the industry. The study also showed 70% of customers recommend Tangoe solutions, and 96% would repurchase Tangoe solutions again.  

Tangoe Ranks Top in “Cares for My Needs” 

Technology expense management providers were ranked by several key characteristics, and Tangoe stands above others as a provider that takes care of its clients. Nearly all (90%) of respondents familiar with Tangoe rate Tangoe as “excellent” or “good” (7 or above on a scale of 1 to 10) with respect to “cares about my needs.” Most other providers came in at lower rates in comparison. Here’s a broader look at our top attributes as rated by those familiar with our brand.  

Tangoe’s Top Attributes  

  1. A trustworthy brand: 90% 
  1. Cares about my needs: 90% 
  1. Value for service: 90% 
  1. FinOps solution offerings: 90% 
  1. A leader in their industry: 88% 
  1. Continuously innovates their services: 88% 

This list summarizes how business leaders describe Tangoe’s reputation. 

Respondents also rated the importance of these attributes, showing us what matters most to decision-makers. They rank trustworthiness, cares about client needs, and industry leadership as the top three priorities when working with technology expense management providers. Given that Tangoe ranks top across all three of these categories, it’s no surprise that respondents also scored Tangoe as the industry leader, outperforming all other competitors in overall reputation. 

Top Provider: Tangoe Earns Highest Consideration for Mobile, Telecom, Cloud Expense Management 

Technology expense management isn’t just about optimizing one type of IT service. The best providers can lower costs and drive efficiency across many technologies, and again Tangoe earns high marks across different categories. When in the market for telecom expense management, mobile device expense management or cloud expense management solutions, decision-makers consider Tangoe above all other competitors.   

65% Would Consider Tangoe for Mobility Expense Management  

Tangoe maintains the largest lead over competitors in the category of mobile expense management. Whereas 65% of decision-makers would consider Tangoe’s solution, only 48% would consider the next closest competitor’s solution. 

60% Would Consider Tangoe for Telecom Expense Management 

Tangoe earns the highest consideration for telecom too. Whereas 60% of decision-makers would consider Tangoe’s solution, only 42% would consider the next closest competitor’s solution. 

49% Would Consider Tangoe for Cloud Expense Management   

Once more, Tangoe earns the highest consideration for cloud as well. Whereas 49% of decision-makers would consider Tangoe for cloud expense management solutions, only 33% would consider the next closest competitor. 

Simply put, Tangoe is where decision makers turn for cost management solutions across mobile, telecom, and cloud. When leaders are considering purchases, more often than not, Tangoe is invited to compete for their business. 

Continuous Innovator: Tangoe’s AI and FinOps Solutions are Top Rated 

As noted previously, 88% rate “continuous service innovation” as one of Tangoe’s top attributes, and the findings below help contextualize that data point. 

Top Rated AI

Tangoe’s own AI capabilities are top rated by IT and financial decision makers. Nearly all (88%) of respondents rate Tangoe as “excellent” or “good” (7 or above on a scale of 1 to 10) with respect to AI-powered technology offerings.  

AI is important to respondents. According to the findings, 74% consider AI a “critical” or “important” feature of expense management solutions, ranking it the most important feature behind accurate inventories and customized reporting. Another recent Foundry study echoes similar findings correlating AI capabilities with FinOps success and higher cost savings. 

Top Rated FinOps Offerings with More Cloud ROI Achievements 

Seventy-nine percent (79%) of respondents rate having a FinOps solution as “critical” or “important” to their needs, and 90% of those familiar with Tangoe rated Tangoe as “excellent” or “good” (7 or above on a scale of 1 to 10) with respect to FinOps solution offerings.  

It should also be noted that a previous 2023 Foundry study endorses Tangoe’s FinOps capabilities, showing companies using our Tangoe One Cloud solution are 62% more likely to report cloud ROI achievement when compared to other FinOps solutions. 

Our Commitment to Value in Technology Expense Management 

We’re honored to be named the trusted industry leader. Tangoe is committed to software and services that deliver business value by meeting and exceeding client expectations. Moreover, our dedication goes beyond basic cost cutting. As an extension of our clients’ own IT and finance departments, we partner with them to:  

  • Act on cost savings recommendations, eliminating waste and late payment fees 
  • Track and audit savings, ensuring opportunities actually put dollars back in the budget 
  • Build custom reports that dig into the details, finding new ways to save 
  • Leverage integration to streamline our clients’ financial management processes 
  • Execute RFPs and transition services to the most cost-effective providers 

Our commitment to service value has earned us a reputation as the trusted choice for innovation, tailored services, and overall value. With AI ingenuity and ROI achievement coupled with solutions spanning mobile, telecom, and cloud technologies the vast majority of decision makers are inviting Tangoe to their table.  

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