Tangoe One Now Supports More Cloud Services: Google Cloud Platform Optimization 


Recent data shows Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) usage continues to grow at lightning speed, with an estimated 90% of large enterprises adopting a multi-cloud infrastructure. According to Forrester’s Public Cloud Market Outlook, 2022 – 2026, the public cloud market will top more than $1 trillion worldwide by 2026 and make up more than $462 billion in revenue over the next 3 years.  

“Public cloud has experienced nearly a decade of high growth and acceleration, even amid pandemic-induced challenges,” said Lee Sustar, principal analyst at Forrester. “This growth will continue into 2026. It will be challenged, however, by competitive pressure for hyper-scalers and providers to make massive investments in services like database and analytics, development services, and SaaS — all while maintaining high levels of infrastructure investment to keep pace with their rivals’ innovation.”   

With the continuous expansion of cloud infrastructure increasing the number of cloud services and providers companies must effectively manage (the average is nine), Tangoe steps in to help you handle optimization across your entire IaaS ecosystem.   

In our latest product release, we’re excited to announce Tangoe One Cloud for IaaS now supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in addition to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  

Coupled with the FinOps tools currently available with our Cloud Expense Management (CEM) software (i.e. invoice, inventory and usage management), the platform delivers continuous recommendations for optimizing cloud infrastructure costs, performance, and compatibility for GCP.  

For example, Tangoe One Cloud for IaaS can help you: 

  • Evaluate your GCP infrastructure over periods of time, creating usage benchmarks aiding the analysis of traffic charges and storage forecasting  
  • Gain visibility into unused instances, helping you recognize GCP waste and reallocate resources you already own 
  • Know when to remove or downgrade GCP infrastructure – the same way you downgrade a phone plan from unlimited data to a lower tier  
  • Understand how and when to use pausing features to ensure you’re paying for GCP services only when you need them 
  • Explore spikes in GCP usage and knowing when (for example) retention plans create unnecessary backups burning a hole in your pocket 
  • Strategically reduce GCP contract costs, knowing when to exchange discounts for a long-term commitment (Committed Use Discounts, Reserved Instance, or Savings Plans) 

How do we do all that? Powerful artificial intelligence (AI) analytics tools provide the actionable insights you need to scale and right-size your cloud environment. And with the tangible cost savings, you will be able to free up IT resources as well as budget and forecast with improved accuracy.  

Move Beyond the GCP Portal: Smarter Decisions Maximize Cloud ROI 

Although the GCP portal makes its own optimization recommendations, it’s inferior in comparison to all that Tangoe offers. With Tangoe One Cloud for IaaS, you get the benefits of end-to-end lifecycle expense management, from inventory to invoice and from infrastructure auditing and expense management to asset optimization. But you also get to see a clearer picture of your potential savings discounts. Our clients get more granular, customized and combined Reserved Instance and Savings Plan coverage rates to show full long-term commitments with their associated payouts. And if you currently use multiple public cloud services or providers, you will get a holistic yet detailed view of your service usage across your broader IaaS ecosystem with insights all in one single dashboard.  

Why Choose Google Cloud Platform 

GCP offers support for both hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Plus, it works well with open-source technologies and delivers end-to-end security and scalability. It has flexible pricing options for instant discounts for continued usage and competitive pricing for Compute Engine. GCP is highly agile, scalable and is known for its leading service level agreements for availability and uptime, with free performance monitoring. Lastly, it includes several unique features such as Cloud Machine Learning Engine and BigQuery, which enables developers to create new applications easily via its global infrastructure. And it’s super easy to set up.  

Compare AWS with Azure and GCP here to see what works best for your organization.  

Key Features of GCP include:  

  • cloud storage 
  • computing 
  • analytics 
  • machine learning  
  • IoT, as well as several developer tools and database solutions and managed services 

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