Best Cloud Management Solution: Tangoe Shortlisted for The Cloud Awards 

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Tangoe has been shortlisted as a finalist competing for the 2023-2024 Cloud Awards in two different categories, “Best Cloud Management Solution of the Year” and “Best Cloud Automation of the Year.” The Cloud Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in cloud computing, and today the organization announced the official shortlist recognizing global cloud innovators across many award categories.  

“All shortlisted organizations have displayed unique points of merit and made it through a fiercely competitive initial stage,” said James Williams, Head of Operations for The Cloud Awards. 

Thank you to James Williams and to The Cloud Awards team for this recognition. Tangoe is honored to be featured as one of the best cloud management solutions in the industry. Tangoe and our technology expense management software and services are distinguished for their unique abilities: 

  • The widest cloud visibility. Tangoe’s vast ecosystem of integrations means we have the widest data ingestion for a clearer view into software and infrastructure services. Our multi-cloud IaaS optimization solution offers observability across four major IaaS providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  
    Plus, our multi-source Shadow IT discovery process includes investigations across five different sources using the most pre-built SaaS API integrations in the industry (550+ more than double our competitors). API integrations allow automated discovery, providing a centralized SaaS management system with up-to-date shadow IT intelligence showcasing costs across the entire cloud landscape.

    The system also automates workflows to right size license management and keep SaaS tech stacks optimized and ready to scale with business growth. Additionally, Tangoe offers integrations with +225K other apps and unparalleled Microsoft 365 user analytics. This is how we consolidate redundant SaaS apps with a track record of slashing costs by at least 30%.  
  • The smartest AI-powered FinOps solution. Tangoe’s 13 patents for AI-based cloud optimization drive hyper-automation in observing cloud service utilization, detecting anomalies, and determining the most cost-effective IaaS and SaaS consumption models. Cost-savings recommendations are based on AI-powered capabilities that compare +1M pricing schemas and play out what-if scenarios to pinpoint the most cost-effective IaaS configurations based on the client’s consumption habits.  
    Our clients can see insights in 24-48 hours, but more importantly they can act on cost-saving recommendations in near real time using automation features to quickly make changes to their IaaS configurations. This is how Tangoe speeds your time-to-savings.  
  • The broadest choice and flexibility in cloud cost management. Customizable software and services serve more stakeholders with a wide variety of software and service options. While IT leaders enjoy cloud visibility and actionable recommendations to use their cloud resources more efficiently, finance leaders enjoy the ability to connect their financial management systems to the FinOps platform. This way your CFO’s business rules manage cloud spending, comparing actual expenses against corporate budgets and allocating cloud costs just like other expenses.  
    What’s best? Tangoe offers invoice reconciliation, contract management, bill pay, and more.  
    Unlike our competitors, Tangoe serves the needs of both finance and IT teams with more hyper-automation keeping them aligned through clarity and accountability. Cost governance thresholds and alerts allow proactive responsiveness, so you have time to make adjustments before invoices spin out of control.  

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Hundreds of organizations entered to compete for The Cloud Awards with international entries coming from North America, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and the Middle East. Finalists will be announced on December 19, 2023, and winners announced January 9, 2024.