Tangoe’s New Quote Features Make Telecom Procurement Easy 

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We all know that the more you shop around, the smarter your purchasing decisions get. The ability to compare costs is essential in sourcing the best deal. That’s why Tangoe is excited to announce new Quote Management features within our Tangoe One Telecom Expense Management platform.  

Now users can request and review telecom service quotes, converting them into orders in a single workflow. The new capabilities complement and expand our existing Order Management tools, easing the burdens of fixed network procurement. With more comprehensive support across early phases of the telecom service lifecycle, Tangoe clients get a simplified purchasing journey.  

Shop across Many Telecom Providers with Quote Management 

From requesting quotes to approving and placing orders, these new features ensure an efficient experience for IT financial analysts and purchasing departments. 

Key Features: 

  • Multiple quote requests make shopping easy: One of the key benefits is the ability to quickly issue multiple quote requests. Gone are the days of tedious email exchanges with various providers. Now, Tangoe’s clients can easily create quote requests with one or many providers and cross-compare them, making shopping easy. Better still, the quote library retains all quotes, building a benchmarking system and point of reference for evaluating prices and quotes going forward.  
  • Processes are streamlined from quote to order to inventory: Once the quote requests are sent, Tangoe’s platform captures provider responses, eliminating the need for time consuming back-and-forth communication. The responses can then be conveniently compared and sent to an approver for review. Once approved, the selected quote can be automatically converted into an order with key fields auto populated. Orders are then tracked in the client inventory as a new asset or service. This automated approach saves time, reduces errors, and facilitates faster decisions. 
  • Requirements and workflows can be configured: Procurement leaders will appreciate the flexibility of Tangoe’s Quote Management features. The system can be tailored to match specific requirements and workflows, ensuring a customized experience that aligns with the unique needs of each company. 

Together, the new features make it easy to compare quotes across different providers and against your own existing contracts and costs. This allows clients to benchmark their costs and negotiate more effectively, landing the most advantageous contract terms at the best price. By tracking quotes, orders, and inventory from beginning to end, clients have a single source of truth for the inventory, which sharpens the accuracy of any cost optimization program. In the end, it empowers procurement teams to spend less time collecting and evaluating information and more time focusing on what really matters – contract management, negotiations, and supplier relationships. 

Combating Telecom Complexity 

Today’s IT networks and communication services are growing increasingly complex with more ways to connect users and locations as well as more connected devices, each with their own service plans. For instance, upgrading to SD-WAN can mean trading a small handful of connectivity providers for a swarm of internet service providers. Learn how network modernization and SD-WAN call for smarter service management.  

When financial and IT leaders are being asked to procure and govern an increasing number of telecom services, it’s critical to stop managing disparate information in spreadsheets and start unifying information in a central, automated platform where advanced analytics and artificial intelligence can be applied to optimize telecom spending.  

Procurement processes can have a significant impact on the speed of change, success of cost containment, and the company’s overall financial performance. By leveraging Tangoe’s Quote Management features, enterprises can accelerate purchasing times, reduce administrative workloads, and drive efficiencies. 

These new features are part of Tangoe’s commitment to innovation with comprehensive solutions designed to shortcut the manual work associated with procurement and financial operations. By integrating Quote Management features into our Order Management capabilities, Tangoe demonstrates its dedication to delivering a unified platform for managing every phase in the telecom service lifecycle. 

To learn more about Tangoe’s Quote Management features, ask for a demonstration