New Patents Confirm Tangoe’s Innovation in Cloud and Telecom Expense Management 


Inventions are the cornerstone of innovation, and with two newly awarded patents, Tangoe continues to dominate the telecom expense management industry with the largest portfolio of intellectual property. Tangoe is celebrating this month, because we have tallied up our 66th and 67th patent to be exact. Here’s a quick summary of our protected groundbreaking inventions and what they mean for clients. 

Patent #66: Recognize and Allocate Cloud Expenses in Real Time 

On April 4th, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Tangoe it’s 66th patent titled “Real-Time Usage Detection of Software Applications.” The new patent 11,622,047 discloses systems and methods of identifying application-level usage from data streams allowing systems to better recognize and allocate data related to expenses in the cloud. 

Cloud applications are easily accessible – just take a look at the challenges of Shadow IT. The democratization of technology means the corporate IT environment can change by the minute. As such, it’s more important than ever for today’s companies to keep their finger on the pulse of cloud applications and any new expenses as they arise. Tangoe’s new patent has this capability covered. 

Patent #67: Automatic Reconciliation of Telecom Information 

On April 25th, Tangoe was also granted U.S. patent 11,637,935 titled “Update and Procurement of Telecom Lines Using Automated Reconciliation of Device Information” as it’s 67th patent. 

If you remember the days of manually reconciling your checkbook, you know that verifying expenses can be a time-consuming process. When companies have thousands of telecom users and a variety of devices and services to administer, effectively managing reconciliation becomes impossible without the help of advanced technologies. Patent #67 recognizes Tangoe for leveraging automation to accelerate telecom expense reconciliation.  

What New Patents Mean for Our Customers 

Patent grants are confirmation and recognition that our technique to expense management is uniquely innovative. Tangoe’s customers are reaping the rewards of industry-leading innovation found nowhere else, and patents protect Tangoe’s ingenuity. With industry-unique ways to mine cloud expense information and automate cost-saving processes, Tangoe can ensure control over the commercial use of our unique approach. That means we have a distinct competitive edge that no other company can claim or replicate. In choosing Tangoe, customers benefit from the patented systems and processes we have developed that have made us the industry leader for the last 20 years.  

Pioneering Industry Innovation: 10 Patents in 2022  

Innovation is thriving at Tangoe with new waves of invention every year. In 2022, Tangoe filed an additional 10 patents including one applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and machine learning to expense management. We are committed to continue investing in our cost management platforms and our people. Our patents cover everything from baseline features like telecom billing, procurement, and invoice processing to our more recent advancements in cloud, containerization, mobile, and RPA. 

How does Tangoe keep its invention engine running? We continue to grow our patent portfolio with the commitment of our senior management team, many of whom are inventors themselves. Plus, we have an internal Inventor Forum, fostering ideas for aspiring inventors and facilitating a frictionless process to file patents with minimal distraction. We encourage our employees to bring their ideas. Moreover, we help turn these ideas into patents, thereby turning our employees into officially recognized inventors. 

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