Tangoe Awarded New U.S. Patent for Robotic Process Automation Innovation

Tangoe Awarded New U.S. Patent for Robotic Process Automation Innovation

With 65 Patents, Tangoe Currently Holds the Largest IP Portfolio Amongst Top Telecom Expense Management Companies

Tangoe, Inc., the leading technology expense and asset management solution for more than 20 years, announced it has added yet another U.S. patent to its expansive intellectual property portfolio. On August 16, 2022, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the company U.S. Patent No. 11,416,483. 

The newly awarded patent expands Tangoe’s leadership position in using and applying robotic process automation (RPA) to the expense management sphere. Using intelligent controls and sophisticated machine learning, Tangoe is able to minimize the need for manual intervention, thereby reducing errors and speeding up processing times. The use of RPA to automate data collection allows Tangoe to collect and process data more efficiently than ever before, further extending the company’s competitive advantage in a market where rapid and reliable processing of invoices is paramount. 

“With 65 granted patents now in our intellectual property portfolio, Tangoe continues to innovate and expand its technology to best serve its clients,” said James Parker, CEO, Tangoe. “Our newest patent in the robotic process automation field showcases our superior, forward-thinking approach to IT expense and asset management. When combined with our more than 20 years of industry experience, our global reach, and talented team, we provide an unparalleled advantage for businesses of all sizes.”

In the past 20 years, Tangoe (and its acquired businesses) have been granted 65 patents in telecom expense management, mobile, cloud, and robotic process automation.

Tangoe’s existing patents cover a wide range of topics related to telecom expense management (TEM), mobile, data analysis, cloud, and now RPA. The newest patent adds yet another dimension to Tangoe’s already robust IP portfolio. 

To learn more about Tangoe, visit www.tangoe.com. A full list of Tangoe’s awarded patents can be found at www.tangoe.com/patents.

About Tangoe: 
Tangoe is the leading technology expense and asset management solution. Tangoe seamlessly integrates with hundreds of providers globally to deliver the reporting and insights needed by enterprises of all sizes and scales. Fueled by an innovative automation framework and unified customer experience, Tangoe optimizes spend and resources across telecom, mobile, cloud, and IoT. For more information on the power of Tangoe and how it can transform your business, visit www.tangoe.com or connect with the company on LinkedIn and Twitter

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