From Peace of Mind to Automation, Here Are the Top Three Characteristics of ITEM Software and Solutions

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Economic uncertainty and competitive factors are encouraging organizations around the world to reflect on their current IT expense and asset management (ITEM) processes. With a recognized need for greater support, and an understanding of the value behind using external vendors, organizations should consider leaning on consultative guidance to allow IT to focus on more purposeful work. 

A recent Vanson Bourne study commissioned by Tangoe asked 500 IT decision makers (ITDMs) in the US and UK what they consider to be the most important characteristics of telecom, cloud, and mobile software and services. Find their rankings below: 


The research found that (1) Optimized security and peace of mind (42%), (2) a platform that simplifies, manages, and optimizes expenses (38%), and (3) automation (38%) are the top three most important characteristics of telecom, cloud and mobile software and services. A platform like Tangoe, which presents an all-inclusive offer that includes these features, would therefore likely provide organizations with the support they recognize needing. 

Such offerings are likely to save organizations time and money, provide them with actionable insights, and eliminate manual processes – areas the research uncovers that many are currently struggling with. In fact, the research found that IT Operations could save an average of 20% or more a month on cost (20%) and time (22%) if they were to adopt these important characteristics of telecom, cloud and mobile software and services. 

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