Avant Named Top Partner Of The Year By Tangoe

Avant Named Top Partner Of The Year By Tangoe

With 92% of businesses concerned about budgets, AVANT and Tangoe are meeting demand for cost optimization with cloud, mobile, and telecom expense and asset management solutions. 

INDIANAPOLIS April 13, 2022 Tangoe, Inc., the leading technology expense and asset management solution for more than 20 years, has named AVANT its top partner of the year.  The Tangoe Partner Experience program, now one year in, has been a catalyst to unlocking value from the strategic relationships AVANT and its sellers have with businesses of all sizes. 

“AVANT is a model global partner articulating the cost optimization value proposition and bringing in more business across a variety of industries, geographies, and sizes,” said Mark Denney, Chief Revenue Officer, Tangoe. “Their Trusted Advisors’ success in mid-size enterprises is staggering with the average time to close in less than 40 days. There is an urgent demand for the value of Tangoe’s services and AVANT is truly capitalizing on that opportunity.” 

In today’s challenging economic climate, 92% of IT leaders are concerned about budgets and headcounts, according to a recent Vanson Bourne study. With cloud, mobile, and telecom investments expected to increase by an average of 10-12% over the next couple of years, responsible spending has never been more critical. 

Tangoe’s services typically save businesses more than 20% of their total IT spend and, in most cases, deliver clients triple-digit return on investment in the first year. AVANT began working with Tangoe over a year ago as a founding Technology Services Distributor for the Tangoe Partner Experience to create more value for their clients. The leading ITEM (Information Technology Expense Management) solution from Tangoe, which spans cloud, mobile, and telecom services, has been invaluable to AVANT Trusted Advisors looking to help their clients save time and money.  

Drew Lydecker, Co-Founder and President, AVANT, said, “As the macroeconomic environment shifts, businesses of all sizes are turning to their Trusted Advisors seeking ways to streamline operations and budgets. Tangoe’s ITEM software and services are uniquely positioned to deliver a positive return on investment for our clients, supporting the full life cycle of their cloud, mobile, and telecom needs.” 

While ITEM solutions were born to support the largest, global companies, today, mid-size enterprises are grappling with the same challenges of managing multiple carriers, cloud (IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS) providers, and mobile devices. Tangoe has the largest ecosystem, the most innovative software leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics process automation (RPA) to automate processes and the service model that modern, tech-enabled businesses demand.  

Kyle Hall, MBA, President of Resourcive, said, “Having a complementary offering to help customers cut through the complexity across a growing IT landscape is a win-win value proposition. The ability to offer Tangoe’s holistic expense management solution across cloud, mobile, and network has helped reinforce customer relationships while growing our business.” 

As technology usage explodes across networks, cloud, and mobile, Tangoe is the only company that offers a complete IT expense management solution for cloud, mobile, and telecom services, harnessing information in every domain for better decision-making, budget forecasting, and resource allocations. 

About Tangoe

Tangoe is the leading technology expense and asset management solution. Tangoe seamlessly integrates with hundreds of providers globally to deliver the reporting and insights needed by enterprises of all sizes and scales. Fueled by an innovative automation framework and unified customer experience, Tangoe optimizes spend and resources across telecom, mobile, cloud, and IoT. For more information on the power of Tangoe and how it can transform your business, visit www.tangoe.com or connect with the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About AVANT 

AVANT is a platform for IT decision-making and the nation’s premier distributor for next-generation technologies. AVANT provides unique value to its extensive network of Trusted Advisors with original research, channel sales assistance, training, and tools to guide decision-making around IT services that promote business growth. From complex cloud designs to global wide-area network deployments to the latest in security services, AVANT sets the industry standard in enabling its partners and clients to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about services, technology, and cost-effective communications. For more information, visit www.goavant.net, or connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.  

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