Best Product for IT Management: Tangoe Named a Finalist in 2023 SaaS Awards 

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Tangoe has been shortlisted as a finalist competing for the 2023 SaaS Awards in the category of “Best SaaS Product for IT Management.” The International SaaS Awards program announced its official shortlist recognizing global SaaS innovators across many award categories.  

“The organizations announced today as shortlistees, including Tangoe, embody the remarkable quality and level of innovation achieved this year. Our esteemed panel of judges is delighted to recognize these SaaS innovators,” said James Williams, Head of Operations at The SaaS Awards. “Year after year, we are thrilled by the intensity of the competition and innovation showcased in each entry. Identifying which of these exceptional SaaS solutions comes out absolutely on top will not be easy.” 

Thank you to James Williams and to the SaaS Awards team for this recognition. Tangoe is thrilled to have been shortlisted, which serves as a signal of our leadership in technology expense management solutions helping companies of all sizes get more value out of their cloud, mobile, and telecom investments. With 15 other finalists in our category, Tangoe is up against a long list of competitors, but our position is strong due to the following differentiators:  

One Platform for Cloud, Mobile, and Telecom Cost Optimization

Unlike others, Tangoe offers the ability to optimize costs and manage expenses across the cloud (including IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS) as well as across all mobile devices and telecom services. Clients get an expansive set of tools in one SaaS solution that supports the needs of IT, financial, and procurement teams.  

The Widest Visibility for Cloud Cost Control

AI is crucial in understanding how companies use cloud services, but AI engines are only as smart as the data they are fed. Tangoe’s AI-powered cloud expense management platform is integrated with more IaaS providers and more SaaS applications than our competitors. That means we have the widest data ingestion and therefore the clearest cloud visibility in the industry.  

  • The Tangoe One platform works with four major IaaS providers – more than our competitors.  
  • Tangoe illuminates Shadow IT spending and security risks using 550+ direct application integrations – more than double when compared to competitors. Plus, we work with +200,000 other apps and have four additional ways to find sanctioned and unsanctioned apps running inside a corporate network.  
  • Want to know how effectively a company is using their Microsoft 365 licenses? No one comes close to our deep usage analytics.    

AI-Powered IT Financial Automation

When it comes to leveraging machine learning, advanced algorithms, and robotic process automation, the Tangoe One platform is the smartest platform for eliminating manual and mundane tasks from financial management and costs governance.  

  • IaaS cost-savings recommendations are based on +1M pricing schemas. We use AI to drive efficiency and lower costs, quickly comparing current network configurations and usage data against the most cost-effective IaaS settings and consumption models. Once installed, insights are available in 24-48 hours and new usage data is ingested every 4-5 hours for ongoing cloud cost optimization congruent with a FinOps strategy.  
  • Tangoe offers advanced automation for SaaS license management, allowing clients to easily manage cloud applications based on user and usage data. This way they can automatically assign licenses during employee on-boarding and automatically reallocate them during off-boarding. Custom playbooks conform to corporate SaaS security policies
  • More than 350 Tangoe bots and virtual assistants automate all types of financial management tasks including mobile spend management as well as data capture and data reconciliation that can process invoices in as little as 8 seconds

Put all of this together and we bring more data intelligence and more AI automation into one SaaS solution designed for broad technology expense management. This is how we deliver the “Best SaaS Product for IT Management.” Thank you again to the International SaaS Awards program for this recognition. 

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