IaaS Assessments & Optimization Recommendations from Cloud Experts 

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Whether you’re in finance or IT, managing cloud infrastructure costs and ensuring every service is used efficiently comes with a variety of challenges. There are the issues of:   

  • Collecting IaaS expenses all in one place and correlating costs with service usage data and providers 
  • Analyzing expenses to reach unit costs and evaluating usage to identify any unused services 
  • Understanding how commitment-based discounts and variable pricing models impact spending, knowing which actions will garner the most cost savings 
  • Developing an ongoing cloud cost optimization program or FinOps practice  

Want help with all of that?  

Tangoe’s cloud cost management consultants stand at the ready.  

What Tangoe’s Cloud Cost Management Consultants Can Do for You 

Tangoe has the tools and expert cloud consultants to help you rapidly gain full visibility into your cloud estate. Our team has years of experience and has worked with some of the largest global businesses to mid-size enterprises, helping them identify areas of waste and overspending to optimize cloud capacity and innovation investments. One-time assessments are perfect for getting an immediate grasp on cloud expenses, and ongoing optimization services are also available to deliver long-term business value.   

A One-Time Service to Manage IaaS Spending 

A one-time assessment is perfect for those wanting to kick off a new cost management program or gain a quick lift from existing programs.  

Here’s what you’ll get from Tangoe’s cloud consultants: 

  • A review of current cloud infrastructure costs including a breakdown of spending by specific categories some of which include costs by service provider, spending based on unit cost, services purchased on-demand versus those marked down by long-term commitment discounts (Savings Plans) 
  • An in-depth analysis of costs, usage and waste, and optimization opportunities: 
    -Savings Plans analysis, evaluating how you’re currently using long-term discounts and the effectiveness of your approach
    -Reserved Instance usage, planning and projections, evaluating how billing discounts are applied to on-demand instances in your account and how to save money based on projected use 
  • A list of prioritized cost-saving recommendations including the amount of money that can be saved through each optimization opportunity and recommendations across multiple business scenarios 

Ongoing Services to Continually Manage IaaS Spending 

With ongoing cloud cost optimization services from Tangoe, the one-time service explained above is repeated on a quarterly basis using a real-time snapshot of costs, usage, and configurations. Another benefit: Customers can take advantage of pausing features and customizable schedules designed to turn off any unused services to further reduce IaaS costs.

Ongoing IaaS optimization services are great for those needing a concerted effort to stick within your cloud budget. This option is also perfect for those who want to look strategically at cloud innovation, connecting infrastructure investments to the business strategy with scrutiny on ROI, long-term trends, and the sustainability of cloud investments.  

AI Tools to Turn Cloud Complexity into Cloud Clarity    

Our cloud consultants also leverage Tangoe’s cloud optimization platform, called Tangoe One Cloud for IaaS, to evaluate your spending and infrastructure usage using patented AI capabilities for cloud optimization. Key benefits include:  

  • Multi-cloud savings: Capabilities for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud services 
  • No more option overload: AI instantly compares more than 1 million pricing schemas showing you which on-demand service SKU will save you the most money 
  • Faster time-to-insights: See your savings recommendations within 24 hours 

More Cloud Cost Management Support, Should You Need It   

What happens next is up to you. Tangoe can help you act on those recommendations, or your internal team can take on the action items themselves. Need help with RFPs and contract negotiation? Tangoe Consultants also offer professional negotiation artists to help you land the right deal with the right cloud services provider based on your business needs. Want help actually migrating to the cloud and handling key transitions as you upgrade your network and application performance? Tangoe Consultants can help with that too, custom designing a project just for you. 

Cloud Savings: Real Client Results 

Don’t rely on your cloud provider or your default IaaS dashboard to keep your best interest in mind. Third-party cloud cost management experts are better suited to guide optimization programs. But don’t take our word for it. Here is just one example of savings delivered by Tangoe’s Consultants. 

Major Retailer: $6.7M in IaaS Savings 

Cloud Service Providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform 
Annual IaaS Spend: $99.6M  
Identified Annual Savings: $6.7M 
Sources of IaaS Savings: 

  • Leveraged Savings Plan (commitment-based) discounts for on-demand instances 
  • Optimized storage to increase usability (balanced vs standard) 
  • Reduced unused services (external IP, virtual machines, older snapshots, and storage) 

The cloud is complex. When companies manage multi-cloud environments and cloud service providers offer thousands — even millions — of ways to configure infrastructure assets, business decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. Tangoe has the IaaS management expertise and AI-powered tools decision makers need to quickly turn cloud complexity into spending clarity. 

Get your free cloud cost management consultation today. Contact us.