Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) by Tangoe

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Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) by Tangoe

As your organization’s mobility services expand, so too will the resources required to manage it. With central support desks and dedicated expert resources at each point of the mobility lifecycle, Tangoe One Mobile does managed mobility services better and faster than anyone in the industry. 

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What does Tangoe One Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) by Tangoe do for you?

Delivers a complete device lifecycle management solution via a simple monthly payment. 



Reduce or eliminate the complex mobile processes, time spent on device management, and the number of device and carrier payment transactions. 



Self-service portals provide returns and upgrades vital for enabling employees to work from anywhere. UEM and MDM solutions ensure governance and compliance so you, your teams, and devices stay safe. 



Optimize budgeting and forecasting for predictable annual cost. Freeing up IT and financial resources so they can focus on other priorities of the business.

Apple device management made easy. Activation that’s fast.

Sourcing, Procurement, Logistics, and Security

Device & Accessory

Sourcing & procurement serives for devices and accessories. Devices and accessories are sourced from authorized distributors, with the end goal of finding devices at the best price available. Replenishment and additions to the device estate are also managed by the Tangoe DaaS Program. 


Staging, kitting, device recovery, and fulfillment. This includes user management, sending return labels and packaging, wiping, recycling, restocking, repair, replacement, and shipping devices back to the end user. 

Spare Pool Management

We manage your pool of spare devices to ensure things run smoothly including demand, supply, inventory, and replenishment planning. 

Support and Repair

Help Desk

Multi-carrier, web-based ordering application that allows you to add, change, or remove equipment, accessories, plans, and features at any time. 


Scheduled and on-demand reporting for authorized users that provides visibility to all global inventory, support, and billing  data in one central application. 

Managed Services and Carrier Optimization

We can deploy, provision, configure, kit, and manage global IT assets from one centralized location with available full device repair, asset value recovery and environmentally sustainable recycling capabilities.