The Power of Automation to Help Companies Save

Examples of automation are nothing new. They range from simple tasks, like connecting your bank account to an electric company’s website to pay your home’s energy bill on a certain day each month, to large-scale orchestrations, like interconnecting smart robots in factory assembly lines to build complicated products like vehicles or modular homes piece by piece.

In short, automation involves taking repeatable and standardized practices and applying machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to save time and money in all kinds of ways. While enterprises have been employing automation to their benefit for years, the cost savings it can yield has become especially relevant in recent months.

Due to economic uncertainty stemming from the COVID-19 public health crisis, organizations are tightening their budgets and shifting their resource allocation. Even in a booming economy, enterprises must look for opportunities to create efficiencies and trim unnecessary spending, but it becomes even more critical during tougher times — and automation is one of the most effective ways for an organization to track down hidden costs and manage expenses.  

It offers another benefit that can pay dividends in the future: Automation frees up staff time and resources, allowing enterprises to focus on strategic ways to differentiate themselves and rise above the competition in a contracting economy, instead of on lower-level tasks.

This week, Tangoe shared the news that we have invested in and bolstered our automation capabilities to deliver even more cost savings for customers. We identified $25 million in savings in 2019 through automation, and now we’re announcing new RPA capabilities, workflow and business rules engines, artificial intelligence (AI) and APIs deployed across our customer base.

Here are some examples of how Tangoe uses enhanced automation capabilities to more effectively execute processes, create efficiencies and find more cost savings for customers:

  • By extending RPA across telecom platforms, Tangoe is now able to download 10.6 million invoices annually, up from 7.8 million, and the overall invoice processing time has been reduced by four days. This allows us to identify and act on savings opportunities for customers more quickly.
  • Using a combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics to analyze mobile usage patterns compared to carrier contracts, Tangoe offers customers automated savings recommendations, resulting in over $18.6 million in identified savings for customers in 2019 alone.
  • With our automated cloud data usage reports, customers gain real-time visibility into usage, enabling them to make quick decisions to better leverage their cloud deployments. Eliminated cloud waste from daily usage reports has resulted in $3 million in savings since last year.

As budgets tighten amid a contracting economy, Tangoe’s Automation Framework allows enterprises to conserve costs and eliminate unnecessary spending — and Tangoe is the only provider using RPA, machine learning and AI to deliver service levels beyond customer expectations.

Learn more about how Tangoe can automate daily tasks and help you work smarter and save money:!