Tangoe Unveils Work-From-Anywhere Product Bundle to Power Global Modern Workforce

Tangoe Unveils Work-From-Anywhere Product Bundle to Power Global Modern Workforce

Tangoe Unveils Work-From-Anywhere Product Bundle to Power Global Modern Workforce

Brings Together Award-Winning Automation, Managed Mobility Services and 24/7 Help Desk Support to Drive On-The-Go Connectivity


Indianapolis, IN – October 28, 2021Tangoe, a market leader in Technology Expense Management (TEM) and Managed Mobility Services (MMS), today announced it is further empowering customers to embrace the shift towards a hybrid workforce with its new Work From Anywhere Product Bundle. The offering combines Tangoe’s cutting-edge service offerings and solutions to help companies implement a robust technology and device management infrastructure that powers a work-from-anywhere environment.

Reports[i] indicate more than 75% of global employees are currently seeking additional flexibility with their work locations. Answering this demand, organizations are increasingly investing in tools enabling a more secure mobile workspace. While some businesses have already adapted to a remote work environment, many still lack the technology, infrastructure and resources to implement a holistic work-from-anywhere approach.

“Many CIOs and IT leaders are challenged with building the right technology foundation that both suits their teams’ needs and meets business objectives,” said Yaakov Shapiro, Tangoe Chief Product Officer. “In a world where real-time collaboration, virtual communications and digital conversations are empowering a new approach to business, Tangoe’s new bundle equips companies with the structure and support necessary to procure, manage, monitor and secure devices remotely.”

Collaborating with Tangoe, IT leaders and stakeholders now have full visibility, insight and control of company data and devices. Companies can now drive near real-time communication, track usage, streamline workflows and accelerate their bottom lines.

“In today’s New Normal, the majority of employees are either remote or on a blended schedule. CIOs must provide this hybrid workforce with access to mobile technologies, while acknowledging the IT Rule of 30,” said Hyoun Park, Chief Analyst, Amalgam Insights. “Every unmanaged IT spend category averages a 30% opportunity to cut costs, including telecom, mobile, cloud and software. Technology Expense Management solutions provide necessary guidance for managers seeking to maximize the value of mobility and reduce costs.”

Tangoe’s Work from Anywhere Product Bundle lays the foundation for companies who may lack the resources, time or in-house expertise to execute this transformation. The bundle fully leverages Tangoe One’s mobile platform and includes:

  1. Managed Mobility Services: Centralizes and controls device management, tracks where devices live and who owns them. Provides access to modern dashboards and reporting interfaces to provide granular details into spend, usage and allocation. Provides recommendations for savings opportunities across global carriers.
  2. Unified Endpoint Management: Configures systems based on organizational function, ensures corporate data on devices is safe, and handles all UEM management tasks including design, support, policy and configuration, compliance and upgrades.
  3. Automation and Workflows: Leverages artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and hyper-automation to simplify procedures for onboarding new employees, upgrading employees, identifying what devices and lines are not being used and ensuring the right carrier plans are paired with the right devices.
  4. Logistics Support: Ensures every device is properly stored, configured, packaged, recycled and shipped globally.
  5. 24/7 Help Desk: Offers voice, live chat, chatbot and self-service solutions to keep employees productive and happy on their channel of choice.
  6. Bill Pay+: As an optional add-in, the solution pays all bill types, eliminates manual tasks via automation, prevents fraud, captures discounts and improves vendor relationships.

The Work from Anywhere Product Bundle ensures companies work smarter – by eliminating disparate systems and siloed data via third party integrations; save money – by providing automated workflows and granular reporting for better insight to financial data; be confident – by empowering teams across the globe to collaborate and communicate while protecting corporate data.

To learn more about setting up a successful work-from-anywhere environment, download Tangoe’s new eBook, Where’s Your Office? Technology Challenges in a Work from Anywhere World.

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[i] McCandless, M. E. (2021, September 30). Flexible working now more important than salary. Facility Executive Magazine – Creating Intelligent Buildings. Retrieved October 14, 2021, from https://facilityexecutive.com/2021/09/flexible-working-now-more-important-than-salary/.