Complete Solution for Cloud Invoice, Inventory and Expense Management.

Tangoe’s solution offers benefits far beyond basic cloud expense management. With expert control of the key functions of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, let Tangoe manage and optimize all the services and resources for your enterprise cloud.  

People powered and technology backed, our management solution connects siloed data sources and empowers you to make the best decisions for your organization. Incredible automation and analytics tools help you fix overspend, inefficiency, and weak points in your enterprise cloud service architecture. Let Tangoe bring a complex cloud environment down to earth.

Part of the Tangoe Platform.

Looking for one solution to handle your order, invoice, inventory and expense management needs for telecom, mobile and cloud? Read about the Tangoe Platform.

“Digital transformation spending will eat up 53% of IT budgets by 2023.”


What Does the Tangoe Platform Do for Cloud?

It provides visibility into spend, accurately allocates costs to the appropriate departments, and identifies opportunities to optimize usage and spend.

Centralize Your View

Gain complete visibility into all cloud spend. See how much you are spending and what you are spending it on by linking cloud expenses and assets to departments or cost centers, all in one place.

  • Cloud asset management
  • Data reconciliation across cloud vendors
  • Daily spend and usage data
  • Centralized contract access
  • Invoice capture and processing
  • Integrations from automated APIs
  • Combine data from HR systems, financial systems, and more
  • Automated accounts payable and general ledger (AP and GL) file creation

Comprehend What You See

Transform complex cloud billing data into meaningful information through tagging, reporting, and analytics so you can make informed business decisions.

  • Cloud cost allocation
  • Visualize spend by region, team, vendor type, etc.
  • Invoice review and approval
  • Spend reporting and analytics
  • Consolidated vendor reports
  • Usage reporting and analytics
  • Cloud resource categorization
  • Use tags to automate richer insights in reports.
  • Recurring quarterly optimization reviews

We provide advisory services to provide a holistic view of your organization’s cloud infrastructure environment and answer your tough questions.

Control the Next Steps

Implement governance and standardize processes to approve, allocate, and forecast cloud resources and expenses.

  • Secure, reliable user access
  • Pricing “pulse alerts”
  • Invoice management
  • Inventory management
  • Workflow optimization
  • Corporate governance support
  • Multi-cloud management

Meet One of Our Experts.

Dino Dogan

Vice President, Product Management

Dino is a recognized industry expert in cloud expense management. He’s responsible for the cloud application within the Tangoe Platform, which encompasses Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Dino brought to Tangoe a unique and comprehensive background in the software products industry. Before Tangoe, he served as Head of Product for Made in NYC, an IT technology and services company. Adding to his technology pedigree, Dino was Cyber Security Engineer at Accenture, a Cisco Certified Solutions Instructor at New Horizons Computer Learning, and Network Engineer at Teledyne Technologies Inc. for three years. Gain insights from Dino and from Tangoe’s many experts here.

Leading the Market in Cloud Expense Management.

The Tangoe Platform helps customers understand asset utilization, so enterprises can clearly identify who is ordering what cloud services, as well get a complete view of all available cloud resources. It helps organizations effectively leverage their available cloud resources, control usage and spend, identify trends and accurately forecast future needs.

Supported by People and Technology.

Tangoe Advisory Services (TAS) provides access to deep market knowledge with a team of industry experts who have helped customers for over 18 years. Customers get the best contract rates across all their vendors and ensure that technology costs are what they should be.

  • Sourcing: Helps customers negotiate the best global contracts and reduce IT operating costs.
  • Transformation: Helps IT teams identify, prepare for, implement, measure, and monitor network transformation projects.
  • Consulting: Helps organizations ensure success through regular assessments, identification of potential gaps, and opportunities for optimization of new expenses.

Tangoe Advisory Services boasts the industry’s most knowledgeable, proven expertise at your side, backed by the industry’s largest knowledge and data base.