Tangoe’s Cloud Application.

Cloud Management for the Enterprise.

Looking to streamline cloud expense management (CEM) and all cloud optimization processes? Tangoe has you covered with a truly complete cloud lifecycle management solution. It integrates with your cloud vendors so you can fix overspend and inefficiency.

The Tangoe cloud application is not out-of-the-box software. It’s a people-powered experience that connects siloed data sources, automates tasks, and empowers you to make the best decisions for your organization. You’ll get dynamic, custom analytics with insights from our finance and IT experts.

Bring your complex cloud environment down to earth.

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Cloud Optimization However You Like It.

Tangoe’s cloud application can stand alone or complement your existing optimization provider. Our clients find the most benefits when using it as part of Tangoe One, our complete solution for telecom, mobile, and cloud expense and lifecycle management.

“Digital transformation spending will eat up 53% of IT budgets by 2023.”


How Does Tangoe Streamline Cloud Management?

With the Tangoe cloud application, you can accurately allocate costs and identify opportunities to save money – even in multi-cloud environments. You get commercially viable optimizations from both the Tangoe team and the technology, tailored to your organization’s governance, goals and best practices for your industry.

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There’s power in clean, centralized data. See how much you are spending and what you are spending it on. Our application links all cloud expenses to assets and to the associated departments and cost centers – all in one place.

Featured capabilities:

  • Data normalization and reconciliation
  • Cost allocation with custom business rules
  • Chargeback and utilization tracking
  • Centralized contract and invoice access
  • Automated file creation in specified formats
  • Integration with ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP
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Transform complex cloud billing data into meaningful information through tagging, reporting, and analytics so you can make informed business decisions.

Featured capabilities:

Need consulting? We provide advisory services for cloud sourcing, digital transformation and more.

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Control & Implement

Put findings into action to maximize governance, standardize processes, and avoid overspend. You can securely control what happens now and forecast cloud expenses and resource needs.

Featured capabilities:

  • Review sessions with Tangoe’s experts
  • Cost uplift and strategy support
  • Alerts based on your KPIs
  • Amortization and reserved instance purchase optimization
  • Expense management solutions

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Meet One of Our Experts.

Paolo Sellari

Senior Product Manager

Paolo manages product strategy, delivery, and innovation for the full Tangoe One platform.  His contribution was integral to the launch of Tangoe’s cloud solution.  With over 16 years at Tangoe ranging from development to product management, he brings experience in building technology for expense management services and analytics expertise to ensure Tangoe always goes above and beyond to serve our clients.

Leading the Market in Cloud Expense Management.

Tangoe’s people and technology make data easier to understand. This leads to top-notch cloud expense management, and it also helps organizations collaborate to make resources work at maximum capacity. When you can quickly respond to data, you can grow freely. Learn more about how the right tools make cloud lifecycle management pay off – reach out to us or read our resources.

Tap into Tangoe Advisory Services.

Let us enhance your experience of our cloud management platform. With Tangoe Advisory Services, we provide additional support to help you get the best contract rates and ensure your technology matches business objectives.

  • Sourcing: We help find the right services and devices, negotiate the best global contracts, and reduce IT operating costs.
  • Transformation: We help IT teams plan, implement, measure, and monitor network transformation projects.
  • Consulting: We help organizations succeed by regularly auditing technology assets and finding opportunities for expense optimization.

With our enterprise technology management experts by your side, you have the bargaining power of an industry leader and the benchmark data to back up decisions and negotiations.

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