Tangoe’s Telecom Application.

Telecom Expense Management Made Simple.

Telecommunications service interruptions and unnecessary spend hold your business back. But problems like these tend to happen when you’re managing telecom systems and services with tools that aren’t built for the enterprise.

Tangoe One is equipped with telecom expense management (TEM) solutions and features for telecom asset lifecycle management. Automation and an approachable interface give you full control of telecom orders, invoices, inventory, and expenses.

Save time and money while confidently driving progress.

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Telecom view of the Platform, on a desktop computer screen.

Part of Tangoe One.

The telecom application (formerly called Tangoe Fixed and supported by Asentinel) is part of our complete solution for telecom, mobile, and cloud expense and lifecycle management: Tangoe One.

What Do Our TEM Services Provide?

We make telecom expense management (TEM) and lifecycle management easier and less stressful. Our application’s integration, automation, and reporting power meets the needs of even the most discerning companies.

Centralize Your View

See where telecom technologies and services are being used, who is using them, and how much they cost you. Our application integrates with existing tools you may use, bringing all your data together.

These TEM services and related solutions provide easy visibility of all things telecom:

Comprehend What You See

You may know what your organization spends on telecom, but do you always know why, and if the price is right? With Tangoe you can understand those details, find information quickly, and get the most out of reports.

Make telecom asset lifecycle management easier with these features:

  • Spend, inventory, and order reporting linked to cost centers, general ledgers, locations, and contracts
  • Self-service insights and data retrieval
  • Historic spend analyses
  • Up-front allocation configuration for every invoice

Need consulting? We provide advisory services to optimize your telecom programs and answer tough questions.

Control the Next Steps

Could you be paying for a service you no longer receive, overpaying, or counting on a contract that just expired? Without the right tools, discovering these issues and improving ROI can be difficult.

Tangoe’s telecom application makes inefficiencies visible and controllable:

  • Automated invoice audits with alerts about inventory, rates, and more
  • Dispute management
  • Invoice management, approval flows, and auto-approvals
  • Telecom sourcing and logistics
  • Provisioning services

Why Tangoe?

Proven Leadership.

We optimized our TEM solutions to make it easier for you to make critical decisions. That, paired with excellent service, makes Tangoe stand out from other telecom expense management companies. Learn how enterprise leaders use our platform’s telecom application to cut costs and maximize productivity.

Featured Application: Rivermine.

Just like the telecom, mobile, and cloud applications, Rivermine is part of Tangoe’s complete solution for enterprise technology management. The Rivermine application focuses on both telecom and mobile assets, helping organizations control costs and power their people.