Develop Better Enterprise IoT Management

Has your company embraced the Internet of Things (IoT)? Team up with Tangoe for structured implementation of IoT solutions and uninterrupted communication. We’ll create a centralized command center that simplifies IoT device management, from deployment to updates to cost optimization.

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The Challenges We Tackle

  • Improper infrastructure. IoT devices require proper infrastructure for continuous wired and wireless communication. That’s why deploying enterprise IoT doesn’t happen overnight!
  • Stretched resources. IT departments in charge of IoT connection management must maintain connectivity at near 100% uptime levels – often with no additional resources.
  • Network vulnerability. Even the largest global enterprises struggle to deal with vulnerabilities to data leaks and cyberattacks.
  • IoT usage blind spots. If asset management is not centralized and IoT devices aren’t property monitored, understanding usage can be time consuming or even impossible.
  • IoT knowledge gaps. Many organizations lack the technical know-how about converged nontraditional infrastructure and the skills to optimize it for a growing company.  

If your enterprise IoT strategy is creating more headaches than efficiencies, it’s time to consider an IoT device management platform and a partner who bridges knowledge gaps. Tangoe is ready to step into the world of your business goals and help you securely manage enterprise IoT devices.

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The Key Solutions

Help Deploying Enterprise IoT

We ensure structured development and implementation of IoT solutions, protecting hardware and software systems from security breaches.

Managed Mobility

Our MMS solutions give businesses the ability to update devices, troubleshoot connectivity, and fix problems without sending personnel out to those devices.

Global Visibility

Eliminate data silos and inefficient processes by analyzing, managing, and expanding your IoT device fleet from one platform.   

Get more connected with our enterprise IoT management tools.

Besides making IoT an asset instead of a pain, Tangoe fulfills other major business objectives. For example, we help IT and finance leaders manage hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments.

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