Optimize Resources and Drive Predictability.

There’s a difference between cutting and controlling expense. Tangoe doesn’t just help simplify expense management; we give executives and decision makers clear visibility into what is being spent and partner with you to identify ways to optimize. Be confident that you are cost-effective while you provide resources to enhance your business’ performance. Focus on high-value work and be sure that repetitive, labor-intensive activities are being performed quickly and accurately. Tangoe’s international team and industry-leading solution enable customers to quickly gain insight into the programs and assets you have, what you need, and where you can save money.

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Looking for one solution to manage your order, invoice, inventory and expense management needs for telecom, mobile and cloud? Read about the Tangoe Platform.

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Expense Management

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Get standard and customizable reporting to provide visibility into where you are spending. Your expense data is centralized, understandable, and easily managed for action. For telecom and mobile we take this analysis even further. Tangoe can identify vendor errors and advocate for you, helping to save even more money.

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Tangoe automates and optimizes enterprise expense management. Ensure payment discrepancies are verified against contracts, inefficient workflows are corrected, and other problems affecting your technology environment are readily solved. Prevent overpaying, pay for what you need, and eliminate what you don’t.

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Tangoe has the single largest repository of vendor data and pooled client expenses. With Tangoe as your partner, you get the collective bargaining power of more than $40 billion in managed funds. Because no one wants to pay more than they need to.

Ready to Save?

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Why Tangoe for Expense Management

Tangoe has effectively processed for clients over two billion dollars in expenses. Our twenty-plus years of experience and deep domain expertise, plus our industry-leading platform, provide you with an expense management solution unequalled anywhere. Telecom, mobile and cloud are complex, capital intensive, rapidly changing environments. Be confident you have the industry powerhouse on your side. Let Tangoe power your enterprise.

Benefits of partnering with Tangoe for technology expense management:

  • Cost reduction and lifelong savings
  • Access to a network of skilled expertise
  • Mitigated and managed risk with a partner
  • Freed resources for in-house efficiency
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduce staffing churn