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Each Tangoe Advisor has years of experience negotiating across virtually every global carrier for nearly all technology services. From a database of billions of expenses managed, contract terms monitored, and thousands of companies, you get the expertise and advice to start saving immediately. Tangoe saved $250M for the businesses they worked with last year.

We partner with you to do the following:
  • Negotiate service provider contacts
  • Manage RFP processes
  • Conduct ROI analytics
  • Benchmark current spend and effectiveness
  • Identify operating cost reduction
  • Provide IT teams with greater flexibility
  • Minimize risk
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Tangoe’s advisors have decades of experience working with businesses to augment staff, manage transformational IT projects, or evaluate new technologies. Let us share our insights so you can realize positive business outcomes.

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We help businesses of all sizes audit their inventory of assets and expenses to uncover savings and efficiencies. Find out how you can eliminate legacy and non-essential services and ensure contracted rates are being billed correctly.