Let us Manage Your Telecom Invoices so You Don't Have To

Digitize, analyze, process, and report on every invoice, every time.

TEM Invoice video

Pay invoices with confidence


Centralized visibility

Gain complete visibility into all your invoice spend and inventory in one place and format.



Unify invoice data collection with industry-leading automation tools.



Automatically validate invoices against contracts, cost centers and inventory using our patented Optical Invoice Recognition (OIR) technology.


Simplified reporting

Save time on financial reports with at-a-glance cost allocation and data visualizations.



Identify billing errors with dispute and credit tracking by invoice or vendor. Or you can let us manage the dispute process on your behalf.

Invoice Details Dashboard

Unload your invoices on us.

Take the guesswork out of invoice processing and alleviate your team’s resources and time with highly automated, error-proof invoice management that supports a vast array of global vendors and system integrations and enables customized approval workflows—all without compromising the accuracy of invoice details.

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Order Management

Simplify Telecom inventory ordering.

Expense Management

Gain tight control of expenses.

Inventory Management

Improve accuracy, visibility, and security

Auditing & Optimization

Proactively identify errors and cost-savings.

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