Successful Solution Implementation-What’s the Secret Sauce?

Successful Solution Implementation-What's the Secret Sauce?

Implementing new projects and services for customers is, by nature, hard work. Some think starting on the right track is the most difficult aspect. Others might say successfully completing it to the customer’s satisfaction is the tricky part. Both of those groups would be right, but also wrong. That’s because implementation is tough from end to end. But with the right approach, you can ensure a smooth kickoff, stay on schedule, and achieve a successful outcome.

Three’s Company

Three key components — and how they are designed and managed — can ensure success during implementation of technology expense management solutions:

  1. The approach itself. This must start with confirmation of scope and clear definition of objectives and priorities, as well as resource constraints. Create a rollout strategy with phases and milestones. This lets teams focus on the end goal, but also have the flexibility for sub-projects.
  2. Governance. Executive sponsors on both sides must partner and commit to the project success. Frequent meetings will keep everyone in the loop. A formal escalation and change control program provides oversight when needed.
  3. Project tools. Interactive project reports and dynamic project dashboards help keep stakeholders informed. Readiness checklists inform customers on how close they are to going live.

Beyond these components, of course, there are other ways to guarantee a successful outcome. Tangoe’s own implementation process is based on a wealth of experience. We’ve done thousands of implementations, and that’s instilled within us crucial foundational knowledge.

We don’t build an implementation process from the ground up for every client or project. Rather, we have a core solution in place that lets us get moving very quickly. We take this baseline model and adjust it for every customer by gathering their requirements and understanding their business needs. We focus on defining success factors for each customer, and aligning our solution to meet them.

While we look to go live with speed and a focus on quality, it’s not just about getting there fast. It’s also about getting there with happy customers. Here are a couple of recent examples that demonstrate Tangoe’s approach to implementation.

New Customer Implementation

A U.S. hedge fund, with $17.2 billion in assets under management (AUM), selected Tangoe’s full-service telecom application to save money and gain visibility into their expenses. Previously, the company’s telecom inventory was decentralized and not organized. This made it hard to see what telecom services they had at different locations.

Tangoe’s repeatable, proven process made the implementation of its telecom solution smooth and fast. Tangoe set clear expectations with the company and determined what success would look like, then provided constant communications and transparency throughout.

Following the implementation, the company’s inventory was grouped, tagged and organized. The company can see at a glance what equipment exists at different locations. With the ability to analyze and validate inventory through the Tangoe Platform, they can be confident that they’re not overpaying for anything. Bonus, they also reduced costs. The organization now can easily identify overbilled items and unnecessary circuits, and take corrective action.

Implementing an Add-On for a Current Customer

Not every implementation is a completely new project. Sometimes it entails adding a new component to an existing service.

The fifth-largest U.S. commercial bank, holding more than $488 billion in assets, needed to add its European business unit to their existing Tangoe telecom expense management program. This would give them visibility into and control over this business unit’s spend. It would also provide uniform reporting across both European and U.S. business units’ telecom invoicing and inventory.

Despite a tight timeline between start date and going live, Tangoe’s cross-functional services teams kept the project organized. The teams designed a schedule and project summary that was concise and easy to follow. This helped keep all stakeholders accountable and on track with deadlines.

An important component in this implementation was Tangoe’s interactive online ecosystem. This allows the customer to see in real time where a project stands and how close they are to going live. A key success factor in any implementation is not only completing necessary tasks — it’s customer readiness. This interactive tool can gauge that readiness and give the customer the confidence they’re prepared to go live. 

Following this implementation, the company can now provide accurate reporting to reflect its European telecom inventory and spend. This efficiency of data reporting and invoice processing will allow them to save money as well as find future cost-saving opportunities.

Whether you need to implement a new Tangoe service or add on to your existing solution, Tangoe can get it done the right way. Request a demo to learn more about how our Platform can help you save money and find efficiencies.