Invoice Processing Streamlined.

Tangoe has mastered invoice management. We’ve learned a lot as we process more than 7 million bills a year from over 3,100 carriers around the world. And we make certain the benefits we’ve learned are passed on to you.

We automate and simplify what would otherwise be very complex, time-consuming processes. Tangoe receives invoices from enterprises and their vendors in any form, reviews them for accuracy, and makes them available for approval in the Tangoe Platform. To make things even simpler, we can even pay the bills for you and allocate the invoices to cost centers and general ledger accounts. Tangoe ensures all financial information aligns with your general ledger codes, cost center account codes, and human resources information systems. Scan, digitize, analyze, verify, process, and report on invoices. With Tangoe, it’s simple.

Part of the Tangoe Platform.

Looking for one solution to manage your order, invoice, inventory and expense management needs for telecom, mobile and cloud? Read about the Tangoe Platform.

Invoice Processing.

Centralize and Normalize

A key part of the Tangoe process is the upload and centralization of all vendor invoices utilizing industry-leading software automation, bots, and visual digitization tools to make short work of uploading and standardizing data. Whether your data is manually uploaded, digitally scanned, or imported directly from carrier billing systems – your upload process is simple, standard, and integrated within our Platform.

Pay with Confidence

Enhance your invoice process by automating and validating every invoice against contracts and expected costs. This ensures payment discrepancies, inefficient workflows, and other problems affecting your technology environment can be solved before causing unnecessary expenses or shutoffs that can impact productivity.

Gain Visibility with Effective Reporting and Analytics

Tangoe enables enterprises to manage financial reporting, analysis, and billing in one simple platform. We simplify general ledger and accounts payable financial reports. Tangoe reconciles and normalizes data across carriers and vendors, meaning that siloed data and multiple billing systems are virtually eliminated. Cost allocation can be visualized at a macro and micro level, devices can be managed, and workflows automated.

Why Tangoe?

Tangoe has the people, processes and expertise to seamlessly and securely manage your invoices. With team members across the globe who are familiar with local suppliers, we have the insight, skills and experience to make sure you only pay for what you use. And with our solution capabilities, we provide you with immediate visibility to accurately account for your expenses to ensure proper reporting and charging.

Tangoe allows companies to focus on their core mission and grow the bottom line. With our skilled expertise, you gain clear visibility and control over your technology assets, usage, vendors, and all other costs.

Benefits of partnering with Tangoe for invoice management:

  • Cost reduction and lifelong savings
  • Access to a network of skilled expertise
  • Mitigated and managed risk with a partner
  • Freed resources for in-house efficiency
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced staffing churn