Inventory Management Streamlined.

Tracking your telecom, mobile and cloud assets is probably one of the key things keeping you up at night. Accounting for telecom was hard enough; keeping track of every item categorized by type, location, invoice, contract, and cost center – the list goes on and on. With the addition of mobile inventory with disparate devices, phone numbers, types of service and now with cloud on the rise (bringing with it even greater complexities with various vendors and tagging requirements), your tracking requirements become a full-time job.

With fewer people to keep track of exponentially more devices, management is all but impossible. Except with Tangoe. Our solution will be your new best friend, providing insights that allow you to know, in real time, where and what assets and devices you have. We hope your former “bestie” won’t be jealous.

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Part of the Tangoe Platform.

Looking for one solution to manage your order, invoice, inventory and expense management needs for telecom, mobile and cloud? Read about the Tangoe Platform.

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Inventory Management

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When Accuracy Is a Necessity

For telecom and mobile, managing orders from move, add, change, and disconnection of services through the Platform ensures that your inventory reflects all changes and is always accurate with minimal effort. For cloud, monitoring and maintaining accurate tags and cost centers is mandatory. Be secure knowing what you have, always.

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Complete Transparency

Accurate insight into not just what you have but also what you use is requisite for effective management. Through the Tangoe Platform, you will have insight into what assets are most being used and when. Make confident decisions regarding resource allocations based on real-time, accurate insight.

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Be Secure

Knowing what you have also means knowing what needs to be protected. Secure devices and data, and maintain corporate compliance. Mobile devices can be remotely protected, ensuring valuable corporate data won’t fall into the wrong hands. For telecom and cloud, being secure means knowing your assets are accounted for.

Why Not Manage Inventory Yourselves?

Would you rather be keeping track of assets, or analyzing their use to drive greater efficiency, cost savings, and visibility? With Tangoe you can regain control and focus on higher value strategic work.

Benefits of partnering with Tangoe for inventory management:

  • Cost reduction and lifelong savings
  • Access to a network of skilled expertise
  • Mitigated and managed risk with a partner
  • Released resources for in-house efficiency
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced staffing churn