2022 Product Roadmap

2022 Product Roadmap

Recently, our CEO James Parker outlined Tangoe’s vision, priorities, and goals for 2022. I, like James, am confident that this year is destined to be one of our best yet. The leadership changes and improvements to our customer success teams have already yielded remarkable results. However, it’s no secret that our products and services sit at the core of everything we do. In taking a 360-degree approach for our 2022 product roadmap, we evaluated:

  • Emerging market trends
  • The competitive landscape and revenue forecast
  • The attributes desired in a partner
  • Key decision-making criteria when choosing an expense management partner

With these benchmarks in mind, we began mapping out nearly 100 new features and enhancements to add to our product suite. Here’s a look at Tangoe’s product roadmap this year:

Tangoe One

Our Tangoe One Platform offers a centralized authorization and approval platform across all our products and services. In addition to accessing multiple applications seamlessly, our customers will be able to approve invoices, manage inventory/orders, optimize operations data, and visualize ROI across functional areas. It is the Single UI that our customers are craving to access data across all our product offerings – Fixed, Mobile and Cloud.

Other key enhancements within Tangoe One include:

  • Common AP/GL feed and invoice approval process in one place
  • Standardize access through universal rules for customized roles-based expense management processes
  • Centralized SLA System for performance tracking

These features within Tangoe One will offer industry leading dashboards, showcasing strategic analyses for asset, spend, ordering trends, audit and savings metrics, industry benchmarks, enhanced planning capabilities via forecasting, and invoice lifecycle status.

In essence, Tangoe One provides improved visibility and control of assets & expenses by offering streamlined and automated audit and optimization capabilities.

Managed Mobility Services

In our mobile platform, we are developing an end-to-end workflow orchestration engine that will enable customers to automate and manage workflows with ease. To further drive an improved user experience, we’re also including:

  • Advanced accounting lifecycles & bulk ordering
  • Real-time in-cycle optimization and fulfillment to proactively mitigate overage expenses
  • Enhanced data accuracy between UEM and our application via enhanced UEM reconciliation logic
  • Service Now™ “Built-On Now” type of functionality via APIs, allowing ordering & inventory management functions from within your SNOW instance. We are looking to create this capability in all of our applications.

We’re also adding new UX features that will allow customers to realize greater ROI and provide better visibility into these metrics. Our new stipend management functionality will allow the application of debits and credits from prior periods to current charges.

Telecom Expense Management

As we continue to strengthen our TEM portfolio, we will be adding the following capabilities:

  • Service type management and historical data retention
  • API Enabled access for inventory management within ITSM system
  • PDF versions of carrier invoices for internal processing
  • Support for International Tax Applications
  • In-application quoting and ranking for multiple services from carriers
  • Direct Ordering from the preferred quote within the app

We will also drive ordering convenience and efficiency by replacing manual processes with carrier eBonding. Our Technology and Development teams will be building this functionality in a way that enables anyone to access a common interface that will feed in and out of any Tangoe system.


Last but not certainly least, we are thrilled about the advancements coming to our cloud platform. We will be offering a true end-to-end cloud expense management solution, which will include optimization for software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

IaaS Key Functionality

  • Optimization and AI-based cost savings recommendations for AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.
  • Reserved Instance capabilities for effective infrastructure and cost management
  • Direct actionable capabilities from within application between customer and vendor

SaaS Key Functionality

  • Automated licenses and cost discovery for existing vendors
  • Extensive automated vendor integration capabilities
  • Shadow IT vendor discovery to manage unknown costs
  • Clear assignment & identification of licenses at employee and department level