Tangoe: 2022 and Beyond

Executive Interview: Maria Gotes, CHRO, on International Women’s Day

Tangoe has been a leader in expense and asset management for more than 20 years, delivering innovative solutions and services that enable our customers to work smarter, be confident, and save money. I’m delighted to share that in 2022, Tangoe has increased its investment in the business. We will be delivering an even more robust platform, adding new capabilities and features based on customer prioritization, and offering even deeper automation and analytics that will facilitate actionable insights and a positive ROI.   

A Look at 2022 and Beyond

  • Leadership and Values: In the last few months, we’ve made some changes to our executive leadership team, adding industry veterans Mark Denney, Chief Revenue Officer and Maria Gotes, Chief Human Resources Officer. They, along with the rest of the leadership team, have decades of proven experience within their respective areas. The ambition, passion, and work ethic of this team gives me extreme confidence in our ability to deliver our core services today, while building the architecture that we need for tomorrow.
  • Product Roadmap: From SD-WAN, SASE, IoT, and connected devices, the world of IT management continues to grow at record speed. We leverage our world-class technology and team of data scientists and engineers to create the workflows, tools, and products you need to navigate the world of digital transformation. This year, we’re adding 100 new features across our Tangoe One platform and product suite, including telecom, mobile, and cloud. These enhancements will increase our automation capabilities, strengthen our reporting tools, and improve our user experience. We’ve listened to what our customers have requested in this ever-evolving market and implemented that feedback directly into our product roadmap.
  • Customer Experience: Delivering the best customer experience is top priority for us. As businesses trust Tangoe to manage logistics, fulfill mobile assets, and manage their help desk, we have a tremendous responsibility to them and their employees.  We, like most companies, have felt the impact of Covid, supply chain issues, and the competitive workforce environment.  In response, we have increased our help desk and logistics capacity and hired and trained over 100 new employees since November. Additionally, we have implemented a flexible staffing model that allows us to burst our capacity to better address changes in the market. Coupled with this, we are expanding our automation via our BOT infrastructure, which is driving faster response times and better communications.

A Few Parting Thoughts

We understand the responsibility we have in helping you reduce IT complexity, and we appreciate the pressure you and your teams are under given current market demands. I want to take this moment to sincerely thank our customers for their continued trust in Tangoe.

2022 is destined to be one of our best years yet.