Tangoe’s New Mobile Store: A Modern Solution for Mobile Device Management

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It’s a mobile world today, and Tangoe’s new online store is making mobile device management easier than ever by putting guided control in the hands of employees.  

Mobile devices play a crucial role in business continuity, ensuring the corporate workforce stays connected and productive. But research shows 34% of an IT organization’s time is spent managing devices and their associated services. Recognizing this problem, Tangoe has enhanced our mobile store solution, modernizing and streamlining the process of acquiring corporate devices while also maintaining control over orders and costs.  

Welcome to the New Tangoe Mobile Store – where purchasing convenience meets process efficiency. Watch the video.

Seamless Experiences for Mobile Procurement & Order Governance 

The New Tangoe Mobile Store offers a comprehensive toolset and standardized procedures for mobile management, giving employees the purchasing power they want, while also helping financial and IT managers guide new orders according to company policies. While customers have always had the ability to manage their mobility needs with Tangoe One Mobile, now they can also effortlessly navigate new purchases with the ability to:  

  • Browse devices and accessories from approved vendor/hardware lists 
  • Sort and filter results to pinpoint specific products 
  • Submit new orders using streamlined and automated processes 

Whether your employees are in the office, working remotely, or on the go, they can manage their mobile needs effortlessly on any device with a store that adapts to screens of all sizes. Tangoe’s new responsive design enhances the user experience with more flexibility.  

Gone are the days of complex and time-consuming procurement processes. 

Why Companies Have Always Loved Tangoe’s Mobile Store 

The above enhancements add value to a mobile store that has been delighting clients for years. Here are some of the reasons mobility managers prefer Tangoe’s Mobile Store.  

Automated Mobile Order Approvals and Deployment Services 

The Tangoe Mobile Store streamlines operations through tight integration and automation:  

  • Automated routing accelerates order approvals and processing  
  • Integrated purchasing processes with various carriers means faster delivery speeds 
  • Direct shipping to Tangoe’s mobile logistics team creates a comprehensive solution – Tangoe prepares devices with all the necessary corporate and mobile security applications and then ships the equipment to employees on your behalf.  
  • We support end users and setup questions through our Help Desk services, which also accommodate Apple® devices.  

This end-to-end solution ensures a stress-free experience for your IT and finance staff, allowing employees to focus on their work while Tangoe takes care of all the administrative work. Our new store is also making it easier for companies to upgrade their fleet of devices to the latest hardware and technologies using Tangoe’s mobile device refresh services. Need to make sure you’re tracking your fleet in a mobile device inventory and keeping tabs on device status and compliance? Tangoe helps with that too. Learn how Tangoe keeps your corporate fleet in a known, compliant state

Self-Service Tailored to Your Organization and Each Employee  

The Tangoe Mobile Store isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Through direct integration with your business financial rules and HR systems, the store offers up the right options to the right employees using your corporate data. The ordering process is personalized to individual unique requirements. This ensures the available devices, providers, and service options are tailored based on parameters set by your organization. It’s a simple, self-service store delivering a customized experience for every employee. 

Complete Control at Your Fingertips 

One of the standout features of the Tangoe Mobile Store is the level of control it provides to organizations. Pre-approved devices and preferred carriers auto-populate based on the parameters you set, and these configurations can be updated at any time. This flexibility empowers your organization to adapt quickly to changing needs and technologies, ensuring your mobile device lifecycle management program evolves with today’s fast-moving changes. 

Say Goodbye to Manual Procurement and Complex Logistics 

Give your employees a simple and intuitive shopping experience. The new store’s automation and customization capabilities provide a user-friendly interface that makes acquiring and managing mobile devices and services a breeze. This not only boosts employee satisfaction but also contributes to a more efficient and cost-effective mobile strategy for your organization. 

Ready to transform your mobile device management? Contact us today to take a tour of the New Mobile Store and discover the possibilities of automated mobility solutions.