Telecom, Mobile & Cloud Usage Management.

Enterprise-scale usage management is no longer just managing technology costs and allocating usage to department units. It requires complex rating and allocation, powered by automation. As your IT asset reporting and budget demands change, get convenient usage data tracking and optimization solutions with Tangoe One and our experts’ support. From call accounting to cloud data security, we have you covered.

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Tangoe’s Core Usage Management Services.

Enterprise Call Analytics.

Examine call-center queue times, abandoned calls, and Toll Free analytics to improve resource allocation and call accounting processes.

Data Security & Compliance.

Tangoe complies with universal and business-specific data security needs, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, SOC, Policy Abuse Protection, and Legal Inquiries.

Voice & Video Analytics.

Keep track of voice and video conferencing usage on a large scale. Leverage this data to validate your vendor invoices and predict future needs.   

Bandwidth Analysis.

You’ll get a strong sense of your bandwidth requirements and be able to create actionable reporting so you can scale your networks as needed.  

Rate Validation.

Through Call Detail Recording (CDR) services and a custom set of usage reports, identify over- and under-billing events for telecom, mobile, and cloud, organized by vendor and service type.

For-Profit Billing Center.

Tangoe has the unique ability to process your technology invoices as “Tangoe’s customer” and, during this process, re-rate carrier bills and pass on the recalculated charge to you as a profit opportunity. 

Internal Chargeback & Cost Allocation.

Tangoe One automates cost allocation for telecom, mobile, and cloud usage management and inventory management. It also simplifies internal chargeback workflows.  

Why Tangoe?

Our usage tracking software and services help you act on massive amounts of data through custom-tailored BPO – just like all the enterprise technology management solutions we deliver.

Here are 10 reasons to choose us:


More efficient use of IT and DBA resources


Less internal burden of analysis, patches, backups, rollbacks, etc.


Insights from Tangoe’s usage management experts: 17+ years of experience


A single place to monitor any service from any data source


Solutions to meet any SoW requirement


Robust pricing, allocation algorithms, and Bill Pay+


Integrated, item-level sales tax processing


Multi-currency rating and exchange rate conversion


Intuitive, unified, actionable reporting


Intelligence for different call record layouts*

* PBX, VoIP, 5E AMA data, Skype for Business, MS Teams, HCL Sametime, etc. Learn more about Call Accounting.

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Details: Telecom, Mobile, Cloud

With the Tangoe team and our technology on your side, your communications service and software usage management tasks will be simplified. Together, we’ll determine if resources are adequate and if you’re paying for underutilized assets.

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Telecom Usage Management

  • Our TEM solution performs audits of telecom invoices to show if usage exceeds (or will soon exceed) plan resources.
  • Dynamic report types display data for specific people or departments, tied back to cost center, inventory ID, and more.
  • Consolidated invoice and payment details are connected to Accounts Payable and General Ledger information.
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Mobile Usage Management

  • Our mobile solution identifies usage by line, associated user, and cost center.
  • Zero-based budgeting ensures we classify and allocate all mobility usage and service fees.
  • Automated role-based monthly emails deliver usage/spend summaries to end users, including carrier charges, device, phone #, and usage by category. 
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Cloud Usage Management

  • Our CEM solution pulls data from AWS and Azure daily, aligning costs with your cloud inventory record.
  • Cloud vendor APIs enable simpler usage and inventory allocation, approvals, analysis, and payments.
  • Through Tangoe Advisory Services, we validate actual cloud usage against invoices (e.g., Azure price sheets).