Managed IaaS by Tangoe.

To meet technological demands of their company and customers, enterprises have shifted further away from a purely on-premise IT model. They use infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) from cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google to access computing, storage, and networking resources on demand.

Deploying and managing IaaS, however, is a major challenge. How do you know you’re not overspending? How do you scale up and down gracefully? Use Tangoe One Cloud’s managed IaaS solution to track and optimize what resources are being used, where, and by whom.

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Here are some features you can expect from Tangoe’s IaaS managed services and our complete cloud management solution:

Integrations with IaaS Vendors. We integrate directly with AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle to automatically pull cost and usage data daily. Then, using your company’s specific financial and visibility rules, we enrich the data to give you better control of your strategy.

Strong Analytics. Get a complete view of all billed cloud resources. The customized reports and dashboards we deliver to you daily will help you with IaaS cost management. You can easily see usage data, analyze trends, forecast needs, and automatically link invoices to the right departments, projects, and cost centers.

Invoice Processing and AP/GL Integration. To make our IaaS managed services as useful as possible, we integrate our cloud solution with your ERP system. This way, we can accurately process invoices, allocate distribution of charges, and generate accounts payable (AP) and general ledger (GL) files in the right format.

Customizable IaaS Monitoring and Alerts. With Tangoe, you get instant notifications via Pulse Alertsbased on established thresholds. With this automated monitoring and tracking of your cloud services in place, you can notify teams before a problem occurs.

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Benefits of Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

With Tangoe, you can unify data, free up IT resources, reduce cloud costs, grow your business, and achieve digital transformation goals. The high-level benefits can be summed up in three categories:

Work Smart.

With Tangoe’s managed IaaS solution, you have better visibility and control of what resources are in use, what is being created, and who can make changes. This helps your enterprise apply a cloud-first mindset to technology decisions and to flexibly scale infrastructure up or down as needed.

Save Money.

Because your IaaS vendors use a pay-as-you-go model, it pays to be informed about what’s going on! We’ll help you ensure you only pay for what you use on a monthly, daily, and hourly basis. Use our solution to easily generate cost and savings reports, react to past and present data, and forecast changes.

Be Confident.

Using Tangoe’s intuitive, modern UI and dashboards, you can easily pinpoint what you should focus on to better manage your IaaS. Ultimately, this helps you support your employees’ success – and the health of your business – by making informed technology decisions.