IaaS Optimization Assessments

Getting a handle on your IaaS cloud utilization and expenses can be a daunting task whether you have one provider or multiple. According to recent studies, 80% of enterprises are overspending on cloud infrastructure by up to 70% or more, and it’s becoming a critical area for IT departments to address. Tangoe has the tools and expert cloud consultants who can help you rapidly gain full visibility into your cloud landscape, identifying and recommending ways to optimize your capacity and spend.

Tangoe can work with you on a one-time assessment to get an immediate grasp on your opportunities for optimization and savings, or we can establish a quarterly cadence by which we’ll take a snapshot in real-time. By the virtual nature of how IaaS is purchased and consumed, there can be incredible volatility in usage and expenses.

Tangoe has direct integrations with the four leading IaaS providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and within 24 hours, can provide you with a detailed analysis that includes the following:

Reserved Instance Planning and Projections

Savings Plans Analysis

Recommended Action Plans including Multiple Scenarios

Tangoe is uniquely positioned to help you cut costs with our AI-powered cloud savings engine, which instantly compares more than 1 million pricing schemas to show you which on-demand service SKU will save you the most money. If you choose to get this assessment quarterly, you can also take advantage of our instance pausing functionality across multiple verticals and create custom pausing schedules by instance and environment.