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Guaranteed Savings

We Guarantee At Least 20% Savings
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Don’t you love it when a service pays for itself? With Tangoe, you are guaranteed a positive return on your investment — ROI based on the realized savings minus the fees paid to Tangoe. On average, our customers benefit from 20% ROI or more and most achieve triple-digit ROI within their first year.

And that’s just the hard dollar savings. Imagine the productivity gains from your staff avoiding the manual work of invoices, orders, and inventory updates. Tangoe handles all that, so your IT team can focus on innovations that enhance your business.

ROI = Realized Savings – Tangoe Fees


Top ROI in 2022


Customers with 100%+ ROI


of clients realize a 20% ROI

Estimate your ROI with a free audit of one of your carrier invoices. 

Guaranteed Savings with Tangoe

Last year 92% of all Tangoe clients had a 20% or greater ROI and most new clients see a triple-digit ROI in their first year. 

Beam Suntory Saves
Beam Suntory Saves $500K Annually in Mobile Expenses
Engagement with Tangoe Advisory Services results in nearly 50% decrease in mobile spend.
Amid Price Hikes Electric Utility Saves $2.7M on Telecom Contracts
When it came time to renegotiate 3 telecom contracts, this utility company saved $2.7M and kept rates flat amid rising prices.