Guaranteed Savings with Tangoe

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Don’t you love it when a service pays for itself? Like using an accountant who will find you additional write-offs or using a real estate agent with the insights to get you the best deal. 

That’s what we do here at Tangoe.  

We are steeped in our knowledge of the industry. 

We know what technology providers charge for telecom, mobile and cloud services – all around the globe.  

That’s why Tangoe customers realize on average a 20% return on investment – be it on mobile device management, telecom services, cloud services or all three. How is that, you ask? 

How Clients Achieve 20% ROI with Tangoe

The way the ROI is calculated is by taking the realized IT savings then subtracting the Tangoe fees. For example, if Tangoe identified $96,000 in savings for a client and that client paid Tangoe $80,000 in services, they would realize a 20% return on investment.  

Last year 92% of all Tangoe clients had a 20% or greater ROI and most new clients see a triple-digit ROI in their first year. 

And that’s just the hard dollars.  

Productivity savings boost value even more. When you put Tangoe software and solutions to work for you, the time your IT team spent on these tasks can all be repurposed to innovate for the business. According to a study by Vanson Bourne, the average enterprise saves 29% in time back when using an ITEM provider.  Imagine the contributions you can make to the company not only saving hard dollars but leveraging this found time to propel the business forward. 

Tangoe One is the only comprehensive technology asset and expense management software spanning telecom, mobile and cloud (IaaS, UCaaS and SaaS) services.  With Tangoe you not only shore up your inventory and spend but have added security with the depth of information you have at your fingertips and a single window into the total spend by division, location or individual.   

Get started saving today.