Tangoe One Mobile Now Hosted in Europe

Tangoe One Mobile Now Hosted in Europe

We are thrilled to announce that Tangoe One Mobile is now available in a European hosted model.  Tangoe has deep roots in the European market for over twenty years and works with many large and medium enterprises, carriers, channel, and alliance partners.  Throughout Europe we have teams dedicated to serving both EU headquartered and remote locations of US multi-national businesses.  This new offering will allow enterprises to select where they prefer their application to be hosted while continuing to enjoy the value creation derived from our services.

Hosting Tangoe One Mobile in Europe is just the first step in our commitment to offer EU data containment and GDPR compliance for our enterprise clients.  From day one, Tangoe has placed security and compliance at the forefront of our solutions.  We truly understand the responsibility we have been entrusted handling personnel information, call detail records, invoices and more.  The rigorous approach we have to governance is reflected in the fact that we have had no leaks of any propriety information. And regardless of regulations, we are committed to our customer’s privacy.

Here are some of the ways European businesses are taking advantage of the value Tangoe delivers:

Informa, headquartered in London, is an international business intelligence, exhibition, events, and academic publishing group.  Their mobile costs were growing and needed to identify ways to drive efficiencies and money.  With Tangoe, they cut costs by 50% initially leveraging our consultants to renegotiate mobile agreements.

Arup, a global professional services firm headquartered in London turned to Tangoe to streamline its enterprise managed mobility processes.  They sought a full-lifecycle solution that would automate workflows and tasks and reduce the time IT spent managing the end-to-end process.  With the implementation of Tangoe Managed Mobility Services including a dedicated help-desk, more requests were handled through software queries leading to a more than 50% decrease in mobile-related service desk inquiries.

Rolls-Royce, the engineering company focused on world-class power and propulsion systems lacked a consolidated view of their mobile inventory and expenses.  As more employees began traveling and working remotely, the roaming charges were becoming prohibitive.  Tangoe’s managed mobile solution yielded $750,000 of savings in the first year and a 45% reduction in costs per mobile device.

Tangoe is uniquely positioned to help European headquartered business realize value from an enterprise mobility solution and is recommended by Gartner for global companies.  Tangoe has the leading mobility solution in the market with the most devices under management (14 million), the deepest integrations to more than 400 global carriers and recognized as a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Global MMS service 9 times.

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