Rolls-Royce Rolls into Major Savings with Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services

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With high mobility program costs looming, Rolls-Royce North America partnered with Tangoe to discover ways to successfully cut costs with incredible results.

The Challenge

Rolls-Royce North America is an engineering company focused on world-class power and propulsion systems with nearly 6,800 employees with operations in 27 states and six Canadian provinces.

Rolls-Royce lacked single-point access for its mobility program, visibility into asset inventory and usage data, and processes for handling mobility activity requests. All employees were provided mobile devices with both domestic and international wireless carrier features.

The finance team was strained with manual exports, data parsing, and expense reporting to various cost centers. Additionally, with such a robust workforce in need of technical support and no centralized help center, SLAs for troubleshooting were approaching 48 hours or more, costing time and money across the company.



in the first year


Reduction in Costs

per mobile device

Up to



month over month

The Solution

Rolls-Royce selected Tangoe’s Mobile Management Solution (MMS) to address its financial
and help desk challenges. Tangoe offered a centralized platform to manage all mobile assets,
expenses, and programs, allowing Rolls-Royce a holistic view of program data and costs.

Combining MMS with robotic process automation powered by AI and machine learning, Tangoe
was able to toggle mobile device plans in real time to adjust for roaming, hotspot access, and
travel necessities which saw instant and continuous savings.

With the additional add-on of Tangoe’s world-class help desk, Rolls-Royce employees are now
empowered to initiate mobile asset activities on their own, drastically reducing downtime across
the company.

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First-Touch Help Desk

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$425,000 Saved

each year on international data

Rolls-Royce Rolls into Major Savings with Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services

Visibility and Control

Every device, every data point


The Outcome

Once Tangoe’s solutions were implemented, recommendations were made to reduce the number of redundant or unused wireless carrier services, as well as automated checks to toggle service upgrades during employee travel.

This saved Rolls-Royce more than $750,000 in the first year of partnership with Tangoe. Today, the average cost per device per month has dropped 45% from $110 to $60.50. Overall, Tangoe’s mobile application saved Rolls-Royce a minimum of 12 percent month over month, reducing mobility program spend by nearly 40%. The RPA system for travelers has saved Rolls-Royce approximately
$425,000 per year in overages and roaming charges on its international data plan costs alone.

Both Rolls-Royce IT and finance team members are now able to focus on other, more strategic initiatives that drive revenue. Rolls-Royce’s employees have an easy-to-use application where they manage lines of service and help desk procedures. Tangoe solutions allowed Rolls-Royce to simplify, manage, and optimize their business.