Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

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The Challenge

Headquartered in London, Informa is an international businessintelligence, exhibitions, events, and academic publishing group. Informa is powered by a global, mobile workforce with offices in the US, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and Singapore. Structured with five divisions (Academic Publishing, Business Intelligence, Global Exhibitions, Knowledge & Networking, and Global Support), Informa had a diverse roaming profile. Mahesh Patel, Head of Technology Procurement at Informa, is responsible for technology spend and all related contracts across the company. He analyzed Informa’s major IT spend areas and found a high potential for improvement in its mobile estate. Patel determined that Informa would benefit from outside expertise in mobile contracts and services to drive its initiative forward.

The Solution

Informa had previously experienced positive results through an engagement with Tangoe in the United Arab Emirates. Prior to working with Tangoe Advisory Services (TAS), Informa used a reseller model solution to manage mobile spend in the UK but found it did not generate the value desired. So, Informa chose to work with TAS to consolidate contracts and drive savings after making a US-based acquisition and working directly with division heads, the CIO, and the CTO.This US-focused project quickly grew into a global corporate engagement when Informa engaged its European team for a sourcing project that incorporated TAS. Informa’s goals were to reduce costs and achieve the best service levels possible. This engagement provided the Informa team with solid insights into the global mobile services marketplace and benchmarking data.

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Optimized & Reduced Mobile Spend

Control of all contracts and usage at hand

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Conspicuous Consolidation

Redundant services and contracts reigned in

Informa Cuts Mobility Costs Through Global Sourcing Project

Increased Operational Efficiencies

With added cost streamlined profile

The Outcome

TAS delivered an annual cost savings of nearly 50% in the UK and managed a competitive bid process with multiple telecom providers. Informa achieved its objectives by obtaining certainty and clarity that it had secured the best contract terms possible to experience significant cost reduction. Informa now has a more complete perspective on its mobile service options, and Tangoe has established itself as a valued partner to Informa. Informa uses Tangoe’s TEM solution for deployment and support services in the US and plans to expand these capabilities to a global scale.