Is Work from Anywhere the Silver Bullet for the Great Resignation?

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Remote and hybrid work environments are becoming the norm, but before the global coronavirus pandemic that wasn’t the case. A survey from the National Council on Compensation Insurance found that prior to 2020, only 6% of employees worked remotely and close to 75% of employees had never worked remotely. By May of 2020, nearly a third of employees worked from home. That figure looks to be changing soon though if many managers have their way.  

Employers and Employees at Odds 

Google required employees to be in the office three days a week as of April 4 and Apple began phasing their corporate employees back to the office a week later.  Goldman Sachs, Chase, and other big banks are also pushing corporate employees back into the office. More than 75% of the managers surveyed by background check company GoodHire said they preferred to have work done in the office even though they admitted that productivity stayed the same or increased with remote work and that not having employees in the office full time added to their company bottom line.  

That’s directly at odds with employee views on the subject. Feeling new freedom and leverage from the Great Resignation, 60% of employees would rather quit their jobs than go back to the office, according to Employee Benefit News.  

The Great Opportunity 

Companies willing to provide employees the flexibility they crave are well-positioned to turn the Great Resignation into the Great Opportunity. For companies to make the most of this opportunity, they need to make sure their infrastructure is set up for the robust IT needs of a work anywhere world, especially mobile. 

One of the best ways to optimize this infrastructure is with Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). UCaaS provides 24/7 collaboration between employees anywhere by connecting six key services: 

  • Enterprise Telephony, replacing previous VOIP technology 
  • Online Meetings, facilitating audio, video, and web conferencing 
  • Communication-enabled Business Processes, removing bottlenecks by notifying the right people when a process moves forward 
  • Mobility, offering communication capabilities from anywhere 
  • Unified Messaging, bringing email, fax, SMS, and more into one interface 
  • Instant Messaging, for real-time business communication 

In addition to providing a flexible work environment to entice disenchanted employees, organizations can boost employee morale and satisfaction by putting them on high value and engaging projects instead of using them for repetitive tasks that breed frustration and burnout. Mobile is the key area to optimize your organizational WFA plan using a managed mobility solution. A good MMS uses automation, AI, and expert advisors to simplify, manage, and optimize the entire lifecycle of your mobile infrastructure from ordering, to deployment, monitoring, and finally end of life device management.  

A Flexible Solution for a Flexible World 

If you’re an organization looking to keep your current employees happy or add employees from the pool created during the Great Resignation, finding the right partner for your IT expense and resource management is vital. Tangoe One’s unified solution for mobile, telcom, and cloud reduces the burden and burnout of manual processes, optimizes your technology assets, and provides full visibility of your IT systems making it easy for you to proceed confidently into the new work from anywhere world. 

If you’d like to pair our industry-leading platform and expert advisory services with your assets, contact us to request a demo today