Understanding UCaaS in the Work from Anywhere World

Understanding UCaaS in the Work from Anywhere World

With remote and hybrid work here to stay, organizations of all sizes are approaching the next great challenge in communications: Keeping everyone connected across dispersed teams, particularly as we shift to a work-from-anywhere mindset.

Let’s face it: We all have our preferred methods of workplace communication. Some have been using email from the start of their careers and will stick with the inbox until the day they retire. Others prefer the quick delivery of instant messages, even if the responses aren’t as speedy. And when it comes to real-time video, team members will often go from a video conference to a multi-person meeting to a one-to-one breakout session all before the mid-day lunch break.

The sheer number of digital communication technologies available is both a blessing and a curse for long-term productivity. With so many options available, just deciding on the best way to send a message and receive a detailed, timely response is a ponderous decision all on its own.

The solution? A streamlined, unified approach to implementing communication technology, accommodating every team member’s preferred style.

Enter UCaaS.

What is UCaaS?

UCaas—That is, Unified Communications as a Service—facilitates cloud-based communication and enables 24/7 collaboration from anywhere by connecting six key offerings:

  • Enterprise Telephony, replacing previous VOIP technology
  • Online Meetings, facilitating audio, video, and web conferencing
  • Communication-enabled Business Processes, removing bottlenecks by notifying the right people when a process moves forward
  • Mobility, offering communication capabilities from anywhere
  • Unified Messaging, bringing email, fax, SMS, and more into one interface
  • Instant Messaging, for real-time business communication

All these features come with cloud scalability. Your team uses the features they want for full compatibility with everyone’s preferred working style. Deploying new services is easier than ever, as teams say goodbye to communication silos and hello to cloud-enabled collaboration.

It’s no surprise that investments in UCaaS are accelerating, with an expected 25.67% growth rate throughout 2024. This large-scale adoption represents a shift in communications unlike any in the past, as organizations must now accommodate workforces and customer bases that are truly global.

Adopting UCaaS means keeping up with the competition among a shift toward work-from anywhere. But more than that, it means taking advantage of some key improvements over older models of enterprise communication.

Benefits of UCaaS

Having all vital communication channels under one managed service creates several key benefits, including:

Lower Costs. Rather than paying for each service separately, organizations gain access to everything they need for one low monthly cost. The backend maintenance and IT support are handled by the provider, reducing the need for on-site technical staff and internal troubleshooting.

Higher Productivity. Workers have access to all the communication channels they need to get their work done, whether they’re working from the office, from home, or from anywhere.

Strengthened Security. Communication monitoring is one of the most effective ways to protect against fraud. Organizations can see which calls are occurring outside of normal business hours or are being made to countries on blocklists, enabling a rapid response to potential cases of misuse.

Deeper Insights. Bringing your entire communication infrastructure under one service means accessing exponentially more data. See how your employees are using IM, chat, video, voice and more to improve your overall productivity and create the right environment for greater growth.

Better Communication. Employees are 2.8 times more likely to be engaged with their work when they regularly speak with their managers about goals and successes. We’ve all had the experience of lacking an open dialogue with our bosses or the people we report to—by implementing UCaaS, leadership ensures all parties have the right tools to expedite and enhance these necessary conversations for long-term success.

Why Businesses Shift to UCaaS

All the advantages combine to unlock the main goal of organizations across the globe: A true work-from-anywhere philosophy.

We’ve written about work-from-anywhere before, and how Tangoe enables organizations to utilize Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to amplify worker productivity across the globe. UCaaS keeps dispersed teams connected, no matter the device or location, by ensuring digital infrastructure remains consistent across an ever-widening array of channels.

In this new work-from-anywhere environment UCaaS isn’t merely a forward-thinking approach to communications, but rather a necessity to drive innovation as companies define their new virtual offices. Staying connected is more important than ever, particularly as organizations adopt full-remote or hybrid approaches to the work they do every day.

UCaaS isn’t a quick-fix solution for teams looking to improve their communication strategy. Rather, it’s a much-needed first step following an unprecedented shift to remote and dispersed teams over the past year. By moving away from on-site technology and bringing a comprehensive collaboration strategy into your organization’s DNA, your teams can achieve better results through more frequent, open communication. The unified approach is simply a better way to get things done.

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