10 Questions You Might Have Before You Commit

10 Questions You Might Have Before You Commit

1. What Does Tangoe Do?

Tangoe is an industry-leading global provider of technology expense management (TEM) and managed mobility services (MMS) for enterprises around the world. To put it simply, we help our customers manage telecom, cloud, and mobile expenses and devices. Typically, IT leaders come to us because they are:

  • Concerned they’re not getting value from their current TEM provider
    • Frustrated by massive carrier bills and growing internal operational support costs
    • Challenged with lifecycle management of devices, optimizing spend, inventory accuracy and driving automation initiatives

Our mission? To simplify, manage, and optimize your technology expenses and assets so you can focus on what you do best.

2. How does Tangoe automate outdated and manual processes?

A recent survey confirmed 52% of employees would rather sit in traffic for two extra hours every day than give up their automation tools—needless to say, creating better, faster, and easier ways to work is top of mind for most of today’s decision-makers. And because we’re committed to helping organizations simplify complex challenges with easy-to-use technology, process automation is also top of mind for us.

With our current product workflow, 90% of all end user activities are automated, including invoice processing, inventory management, device ordering, and lifecycle management.

If you’re struggling to rid your teams of tedious, manual tasks, we can streamline and customize these processes through automation. With user-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality, data-sequence triggers, and tailored system notifications, your teams have the freedom to customize their own workflows. For an added layer of sophistication, Tangoe’s in-application bot family leverages AI and ML to field customer service questions, load and validate invoices, place orders, and more.

3. We’re a global enterprise. How can you help us manage our assets, the processes that accompany them, and the corresponding spend across all our locations and end users?

Tangoe has over 20 years of experience managing international assets and expenses. In fact, Tangoe has the only industry-leading technology that is certified in 19 languages and supports 129 currencies.

We manage over 13 million mobile devices across 206 countries and territories, support over 1,300 global carriers, and process over 2,000 invoices monthly. Our global expertise and toolkit, coupled with our automation capabilities and 24/7 white-glove support, streamlines IT expense management— no matter the size of your organization or how many devices you have in your environment.

4. We’re not satisfied with our current carrier rates. Can Tangoe negotiate our contracts to make sure we’re getting the best deals?

Yes! We have our own in-house team of experts that provide IT asset management consulting, sourcing, and transformation services. Armed with decades of experience, Tangoe can help find the right technology services for your business, negotiate the best contracts, and identify opportunities for cost-savings.

5. Our resources are tapped right now. How much time and bandwidth do we need to invest into implementation of Tangoe products?

As with any implementation process, we do need to collect some data from your key stakeholders (for a comprehensive list of what we need from you, click here). However, our One-Day-Implementation (ODI) bot automates major steps of this process, like data transformation and file archiving. Our bots not only reduce the time investment required and eliminate human error, but they also make it easier to test out the Tangoe solution and request refinements before launch day so your team can hit the ground running.

6. We don’t have clear visibility into our overall IT spend and inventory. How do you centralize this data?

Tangoe pulls together executive-level data in one consolidated dashboard to help give a “big-picture” of overall technology expenses, inventory, and services. You can then leverage these holistic data insights to pose what-if scenarios, forecast budget impacts, and proactively monitor and circumvent problems before they grow.

7. We want our teams to work better together. How does Tangoe improve the mobile experience for a remote or hybrid workforce?

According to Buffer, 98% of global employees would like to work remotely for the rest of their career. With more people working from home than ever before, it’s imperative to have reliable devices, security tools, and visibility into associated usage and data.

Tangoe offers both self-service and 24/7 customer support for your mobile workforce, allowing employees across the globe to troubleshoot any issues independently. If a team member happens to lose their device on the go, we can automatically locate, remote wipe, and disconnect the service to protect valuable company information.

8. We need to cut unnecessary costs, but don’t know how to identify them. How does Tangoe help?

We screen all technology invoices for accuracy and validate them against your current contracts to resolve any payment discrepancies before they happen. Mikey, our data collection bot, and Rosie, our optimization bot, work in stride to validate and optimize invoices, helping you recognize valuable cost saving opportunities in real-time.

Our solution provides 100% visibility into the data you need to assess the value of your current investments and identifies opportunities for growth (see question 6.)

9. We can’t keep up with the volume of invoices we’re receiving and they are consistently paid late. How does Tangoe streamline and automate this process?

We’ve mastered enterprise invoice management, loading and processing more than seven million invoices globally every year. Our automated workflows centralize and normalize invoice data in one place and format. After our bots validate and confirm the data, we present them for approval. For those looking to close the loop on this process, we can even pay your bills to help you save time, eliminate late fees, and prevent potential service disruptions. Oh, and we have the best support staff in the world!

10. There are lots of TEM providers on the market. Why should I go with Tangoe?

With over two decades of global innovation, we’re the trusted vendor for nearly half of the Fortune 500. We serve major companies across almost every industry in the world, empowering over 1,500 clients and saving them $340 million a year.

Our community of over 1,400 data scientists and industry professionals provide a expert look into market trends and insights to help you navigate the frenetic world of digital transformation and focus more on strategies that accelerate your bottom line. Our innovative solutions work in conjunction with our experienced teams to address your pain points, streamline your processes, and future-proof your business.

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