Bill Pay+.

Bill Pay+ powered by Vendorin is a payment solution that closes the loop of your invoice processing by paying your bills for you to help you save time, eliminate late fees, and prevent disconnects. You will also have full visibility into the payment process via our user-friendly dashboard.

Save time and money while confidently driving progress.

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A Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

What Does Bill Pay+ Do for You?

Bill Pay+ optimizes your invoice processing by eliminating manual tasks, preventing fraud, capturing discounts, and improving vendor and supplier relations so you can worry about what matters most—your business.

Liability and Productivity

  • Pay all bill types in one payment
  • Eliminate multiple payment transactions
  • Eliminate paper-based systems
  • Eliminate manual AP processes
  • End manual research and payment disputes

Visibility and Control

  • View status of your payment cycle in real-time
  • Eliminate fraud risk and phishing
  • Eliminate payment silos across departments
  • Convert to a full electronic payment system
  • Improve vendor and supplier relationships

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate service disconnects and late fees
  • Identify opportunities for savings
  • Reduce internal payment costs and overhead
  • Maximize vendor discounts

How Does Bill Pay+ Work?

Meet One of Our Experts.

Le-Andra Isles

Director, Operations Bill Pay

As Director of Tangoe Pay, Le-Andra Isles is an innovative and solution minded individual driven by developing processes and procedures, while utilizing financial and treasury strategies to successfully build automation to complete payments and manage cash. Le-Andra has 12+ years of experience in finance and accounting specializing in Treasury and Cash Management and has partnered with banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America to develop and improve go to market payment solutions. Prior to Tangoe, Le-Andra led the treasury team at Torus Insurance which handled more than $80M in monthly cash disbursements. Le-Andra holds B.S in accounting and a M.B.A in Finance from the University of Wisconsin.

Expense Management Leadership.

We’ve optimized our solution for your needs, simplifying telecom, mobile, and cloud and making it easier for you to do the hard things. That, paired with excellent service, is what makes Tangoe stand out from other expense management companies.

You’ll never need to wonder where to turn for insight or stare blankly at an over-complicated report. The only things to deal with are insights and results. Learn how these industry leaders use our solution to cut costs and maximize productivity.

Supported by People and Technology.

Tangoe’s Advisory Services provides you access to a team of industry experts who have deep market knowledge. The Advisory Services team has been helping clients save money for over 20 years. They negotiate over 400 telecom contracts annually and help companies achieve savings of up to 30% through;

  • Sourcing: Secure premier Service Provider contracts delivering best-in-class terms and conditions and optimal financial results
    • Benchmarking
    • Direct Negotiation
    • Multi-Carrier/Multi-Service RFP Management
  • Transformation: Unite a global methodology for data gathering, inventory management, with expertise in carrier offerings, technologies, and best practices to provide transformation assurance
    • Network Transformation projects
    • Merger, Acquisition & Divestitures
    • Cloud Optimization
  • Consulting: Maximize Customer ROI by advising on best practices for expense management processes and ensuring rapid solution implementation
    • Audit and Optimization
    • Cloud Discovery
    • Fit for Purpose Inventory
    • Staff Augmentation 
    • Mobile Policy

Tangoe’s Advisory Services provides you the industry’s most knowledgeable, proven expertise, backed by the industry’s largest knowledge base  and data driven insights.