Bill Pay+

Bill Pay+ is an accounts payable automation solution that closes the loop on your IT invoice processing. It’s compatible with Tangoe’s telecom, mobile, and cloud solutions. We’ll pay your enterprise technology bills for you to help you save time, eliminate late fees, and prevent service interruptions. You will also have full visibility of the payment process on our user-friendly dashboard.

Save time and money while confidently driving progress.

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What Does Bill Pay+ Do for You?

With one-of-a-kind IT invoice automation features, Bill Pay+ eliminates manual tasks, prevents fraud, captures discounts, and improves partnerships. This leaves you free to focus on what matters most – your business. Tangoe One customers use Bill Pay+ to access these benefits:

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Liability and Productivity

  • Pay all bill types in one automated bill payment
  • Eliminate multiple payment transactions
  • Eliminate paper-based systems
  • Eliminate manual processes through AP automation
  • End manual research and payment disputes
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Visibility and Control

  • View the status of your payment cycle in real time
  • Eliminate fraud risk and phishing
  • Eliminate payment silos across departments
  • Convert to a fully electronic payment system
  • Improve vendor and supplier relationships
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Cost Savings

  • Eliminate service disconnects and late fees
  • Identify opportunities for savings
  • Reduce internal payment costs and overhead
  • Maximize vendor discounts
  • Combine Bill Pay+ with other Tangoe IT expense management solutions

How Does Bill Pay+ Work?

A process graphic shows the steps of the customer uploading an invoice, Tangoe creating an action file, the customer approving the actions, Tangoe validating and executing the payment, and Tangoe performing monthly bank reconciliations.
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Meet One of Our Experts.

Le-Andra Isles

Director, Operations Bill Pay

Le-Andra Isles is an innovative individual with a talent for process development. She uses financial and treasury strategies to build cash management and bill payment automation. Le-Andra has 12+ years of experience in finance and accounting and has partnered with banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America to develop and improve go-to-market payment solutions. Prior to working at Tangoe, she led the treasury team at Torus Insurance, which handled more than $80M in monthly cash disbursements. Le-Andra holds a B.S. in accounting and an M.B.A in finance from the University of Wisconsin.

Expense Management Leadership.

We’ve optimized our solution for your needs, simplifying telecom, mobile, and cloud management so you can do the hard things. That, paired with excellent service, is what makes Tangoe stand out from other expense management companies. Learn how industry leaders have used Bill Pay+ and our invoice management solutions to cut costs and maximize productivity.