Essential Healthcare IT Asset Management.

A global pandemic and resulting economic pressure have spurred tech innovation across the healthcare industry. Mobile devices are quickly becoming preferred tools for specific patient care and health data analysis. Is swift digital transformation taking up your time and energy?

Let Tangoe care for your caregivers – and your entire organization – by streamlining healthcare technology management for telecommobile, and cloud environments.

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“Four of the five largest healthcare providers use Tangoe to globally manage both wired and wireless technology expenses and ensure timely payment.”


Our Healthcare Technology Management Services

Explore the details of Tangoe’s technology lifecycle solutions for healthcare, and contact us with any questions.

Tangoe One

Supported by Tangoe experts, hospitals and healthcare organizations manage IT sourcing and orders, invoices, assets, and expenses with the Tangoe One solution.

Global Logistics

Imagine having your devices zero-touch provisioned, kitted, packaged, and sent to you when you need them. That’s your reality with Tangoe’s logistics services.

End User Help Desk

We assist with anything related to your technology orders, using chat and interactive capabilities to make sure your employees aren’t slowed down.

Unified Endpoint Management

With UEM services for healthcare, know that your technology assets are secure, functional, well-supported, and associated with the right person.

Bill Pay

Want to take IT invoice management further? Tangoe will accurately pay your technology bills, ensuring there are no late fees or periods of downtime.

Advisory Services

Our experts help you drive more value from your current technology processes and expense management solutions. Quickly realize cost savings.

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1.7 Million Dollars
Combined annual savings of two major
healthcare organizations currently using Tangoe.

Tangoe Supports the Need of the Healthcare Sector

We help hospitals and other healthcare organizations control technology costs, support their employees, and focus on patients.

Here are some recent results:

Catholic Health
  • Saved $800K
  • Saved over $917K
For a leader in healthcare and life sciences

Need Help Managing Apple Devices?

Tangoe’s solution covers telecom, mobile, and cloud technology – and mobile is the hottest topic for most of our healthcare clients. We provide managed mobility services (MMS) to meet industry- and device-specific needs. For many organizations, Apple devices reign supreme. That’s why we created Tangoe for Apple, our integration for Apple device lifecycle management.

Tangoe for Apple positions you to give patients and workers phenomenal digital healthcare experiences. Plus, it’ll help your enterprise save money and be confident in mobile technology decisions.

Why take our word for it? Of the 10 million devices we manage globally, 8 million are Apple products.    

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“100% of Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare sector use Apple technology in areas such as patient experience, clinical communications and nursing workflows, and we’re also seeing smaller companies in this sector drive innovation with our technology and apps.”

Apple Inc

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IT Asset Management.

Regular healthcare technology management solutions maintain business as usual. Few can optimize to the level that Tangoe can. What will you accomplish with Tangoe One?

  • Use automation to fix manual, error-prone processes.
  • Optimize your technology assets to save money.
  • Source and deploy new devices, and expand programs as needed.
  • Count on the support of Tangoe’s approachable experts.

Choose from our telecommobile, and cloud applications – or use the robust capabilities of all three.