Implementing Tangoe’s Solution.

Integrated Technology Management that Works.

With 300+ available integrations with enterprise technologies, the Tangoe One solution is ideal for managing technology costs, inventory, and usage better than you’ve ever dreamed.

We’ll smoothly integrate your existing UEM system, HR system, AP and GL, carrier billing, and more with our solution. The result is a custom software environment that allows for self-service access to every detail about your telecom, mobile, and cloud programs. You’ll also get ongoing support from our experts.

Let’s find savings and efficiencies together.

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The Implementation Process.

Relying on experience, governance, and interactive project tracking tools, Tangoe works with each customer to set up managed technology integration in as little as 42 days. When you choose our solution, your company’s decision makers will be included and informed from day one.

We take a structured, five-phase approach:

1. Initiate

You meet with your implementation team to talk about critical path requirements and goals.

2. Plan and Design

Tangoe defines scope and process, checks prerequisites, prepares data, and designs documents.

3. Configure and Validate

We finalize the plan, load data, set up configurations, and do internal testing.

4. Go Live

We train your team to use the solution and make sure you’re ready for go-live day.

5. Finish and Support

Tangoe begins support services and leads you through post-launch activities.

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You’ll See Our Value – Fast.

Our One-Day-Implementation (ODI) bot automates major steps of the Tangoe implementation process, such as data transformation and file archiving. This reduces project manager workload and human error. We also employ our proprietary bots to make it easier for our customers to test out the Tangoe solution and request refinements before launch day.

We prioritize customer satisfaction by making sure:

  • Platform consolidation is simple.
  • Speed to value is fast.
  • Projects tracking is transparent.
  • QA is thorough and collaborative.
  • Customer feedback is welcomed.

The Integration Ecosystem.

Tangoe makes integrated technology management truly manageable. We unify global data from diverse systems, normalize it, configure automations, and report on it however you’d like. Our solution supports more than 70 currencies, 14 languages, and 3,100 billing formats.

Logos of ITSM/Crm, UEM, mobile carriers, and SSO companies that Tangoe integrates with.
Logos of address validation, localization, hardware, exchange rates, payment systems, recycle vendor, communications, HRIS, and travel systems companies Tangoe integrates with.

Apple’s First Fully Integrated Partner.

Does your organization use Apple devices? You’re in luck.

Tangoe’s unique relationship with Apple means our customers get enhanced product features, procurement options, and automated workflows specific to Apple device lifecycle management.