Tangoe Help Desk Services

Tangoe’s experts provide comprehensive, 24/7 mobile end-user support to enterprises who use our managed mobility solution. Rely on our team for assistance in 10 languages. We support all mobile devices and any OS, through voice, chat, and self-service (AI chatbot).

We tailor support to your specific enterprise mobility strategy and device ownership model, whether it’s BYOD, corporate-owned, or device-as-a-service.

Support, empower, and deliver greater satisfaction to your employees. It starts with reaching out to Tangoe.

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The Challenges We Tackle

In a work-from-anywhere model, dispersed teams use a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops. Users and admins alike need – and expect – support with their mobile devices, but that can be a lot for your already burdened IT team to take on.

With white-glove, enterprise help desk services, experts from Tangoe assist your employees with everything they need and ensure they have a good customer experience.

Plus, we provide extensive reporting on request types and ticket trends. This helps your IT decision makers stay informed about each team’s technology needs.

What to Expect from Tangoe Managed Help Desk Services

Multi-Channel, White-Glove Support.

Individuals can use communication channels they’re most familiar with – such as phone, email, or live chat – to submit an inquiry to Tangoe’s mobility help desk.

Automation and Chatbots.

Our support chatbots and ticketing systems use AI, RPA, and automated workflows to help your employees, whenever. We automate important tasks like device ordering, shipping, carrier changes, and disconnects.

Employee Control and Self-Service.

End users can get things done quickly with roles-based access, automated approval workflows, and HR data validation in an easy-to-use, modern interface.

Tangoe Help Desk SLAs.

We have multiple service-level agreements (SLAs). No matter what, we work to exceed your expectations for first-call or chat resolution time, speed of answering, average call duration, and more. 

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What Can You Do with Tangoe Help Desk Services?

When end users send support inquiries directly to Tangoe, you reduce the strain on your IT teams and resources. This allows you to work smart, save money, and focus on your growth strategy.

Here are some key tasks that can be taken care of through Tangoe help desk, depending on service tier:

  • Help using the Tangoe mobile solution (all access levels)
  • Timely device repairs
  • Email setup for end users
  • Remote password resets and device wiping
  • Redirection of internal support desk
  • Device sourcing and provisioning
  • Technical MDM/UEM support
  • Basic carrier communication
  • Explanations of contracts
  • Device order and change approvals (controlled by pre-approved workflows)
  • Adding and removing lines of service
  • Mobility expense and usage reporting