Help Desk for Tangoe One Mobile

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Help Desk for Tangoe One Mobile

Help Desk takes the burden off your IT Team by providing comprehensive, mobile end-user support for you and your employees with 24/7 assistance on all mobile devices via voice, chat, and self-service (meet Audrey – our help desk chatbot). Our team includes a range of industry experts supporting 10 languages, and they are ready to respond to mobile issues based on your device ownership model – whether it be Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), corporate owned, or Device-as-a-Service (DaaS).


What does Tangoe’s Help Desk do for you?

Get white-glove service from dedicated experts, providing a superior customer experience worldwide for any mobile device plus extensive reporting on things like request types and ticket trends so that you’re always kept informed.



Pre-approved automated workflows eliminate requirements for IT managers to manually approve orders, carrier adjustments, and changes, and more.



Manage your IT resources and mobile investments with detailed reporting and analytics to help prepare for the future.



Optimize IT resources while improving workforce productivity and satisfaction by outsourcing your help desk so they can focus on more high-value tasks.

24/7 Mobile End-User Support So You Can Rest Easy

Device Agnostic, Global Support

Users can leverage familiar channels when submitting inquiries anywhere, any time via phone, live chat, or email.

Automation and Chatbots

Our support chatbots leverage AI, RPA, and automated workflows to ensure customers get what they need when they want it for tasks including ordering, shipping, carrier changes, disconnects, and more.

Employee Control and Self-Service

With self-service resources including chatbot, smart walk-throughs, and static documentation, end-users can get things done quickly with roles-based access, automated approval workflows, and HR data validation in an easy-to-use, modern interface.

Help Desk SLAs

We’re constantly creating better data-driven customer experiences by exceeding industry standards of multiple SLAs, including first call/chat resolution, speed of answer, avg. call/chat duration, and more.