Tangoe expands payment processing across portfolio of solutions

Tangoe expands payment processing across portfolio of solutions

Tangoe expands payment processing across portfolio of solutions

Bill Pay+ provides optimized features and a secure platform for business expense management 

Indianapolis, IN – March 11, 2021 – Tangoe announces the release of Bill Pay+ as the company’s new enterprise-focused bill pay option. It includes StopFraud™ service-based security. The broadened solution also allows access to a dedicated treasury portal and now processes all spend categories.

Bill Pay+, powered by Vendorin, an electronic payment enablement and solutions provider, is a gateway solution that provides Tangoe customers with a complete payment lifecycle solution. It enables customers to conduct and execute financial transactions for any electronic payment method, validates the supplier-provided information and multiple payment types from a single file transmission.

“In addition to PCI compliance, one of the many enhancements built into the new Bill Pay+ solution is StopFraud,” said Bryan Seidensticker, Tangoe Vice President, Services. “StopFraud provides both payor and payee with industry-leading assurance that the funds approved for payment are actually delivered in the payee’s preferred electronic format on-time and without interception.”

Bryan continues, “Bill Pay+ strengthened by the Vendorin portal, provides access to real-time payment transactional data. Customers can now see the progression of their payments processing at the most granular level.”

Bill Pay+ is a high-performance, flexible and stable system that integrates seamlessly with existing processes. It offers efficiencies to close the loop on invoice processing – saving time, eliminating late fees and preventing service disruptions. Manual processes are replaced with automation for optimized workflows.

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Vendorin is the integrated true payment network for the enterprise. Since 2007, Vendorin has been providing electronic payment enablement, acceptance, consolidation, and payment solutions.

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