What is UCaaS?

UCaaS is a cloud-delivered unified communications model that supports these six functions: Enterprise Telephony, Online Meetings (a/v & web conferencing), Communication-enabled Business Processes, Instant & Unified Messaging and Mobility. The infrastructure is owned, operated and delivered by the provider. It typically includes self-service web portals for provisioning, management and performance/usage reporting. The provider delivers applications from a common platform and licenses the service for a monthly, recurring, subscription charge. Sample Service Providers include Webex by Cisco, MS Teams, Zoom, Vonage, Ring Central,  and 8×8. UCaaS enables a workforce, be it in a remote, on-site or hybrid environment to collaborate cross-functional anywhere and at any time across the globe. 

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Tangoe One CEM

What is Tangoe One CEM (Cloud Expense Management) for UCaaS?

Tangoe One CEM for UCaaS combines Tangoe’s Lifecycle Expense Management features with powerful advanced Usage Reporting and Analytics within the Tangoe One Cloud Platform to help enterprises better understand the total cost of ownership for their services. It is designed to help clients simplify, manage and optimize their expenses, assets and usage. In addition to our standard expense handling and invoice processing, the application offers features that will pinpoint what services employees are using and identify if so, whether or not they are adhering to company policies.  

Why do Enterprises need a CEM solution for UCaaS?

A UCaaS CEM solution can help enterprises manage their growing UCaaS costs and identify usage spikes across cost centers, locations and geographies, particularly if having to manage multiple service providers by providing near real-time control and visibility. It allows you to allocate / chargeback costs to the appropriate business unit with greater efficiency to foster transparency and ensure payments align with contract terms and utilization. As with any other cloud services, utilizing a software solution to manage UCaaS provides comprehensive insights via rich data and analytics for better financial, compliance, resource allocation and productivity outcomes. 

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What features are included in Tangoe One CEM for UCaaS?

Cost and Usage Management, Traffic, Trend Monitoring and Analysis, Rate Plan and Pricing Validation, Invoice Processing and Payment, Vendor License Management and Customized Notifications & Monitoring.  

What are the benefits of Tangoe's UCaaS Expense, Invoice and Usage Management?

With end-to-end expense and invoice management, you gain financial visibility and control from a single source of truth. CEM for UCaaS streamlines and centralizes all UCaaS invoice, automates all invoice and AP/GL file processing/payments, and provides a detailed as well as holistic view of costs and usage with actionable analytics. The solution leverages automation to identify all billed UCaaS resources, normalize the data, consolidate the information into one centralized database, categorized accordingly and then link spend reports and invoices to the appropriate projects, departments, and employees. 

What are the benefits of UCaaS Usage, Capacity and Cost Management Data?

This type of UCaaS data identifies wasteful spending and low adoption to the service(s). It also lets you know if employees are using UCaaS services in a responsible manner by monitoring international calls and optimizing traffic patterns so that you can streamline services, downgrade licenses and/or deactivate user accounts or lines in the event you may have duplicate licenses are that offer the same feature. 


What is UCaaS Traffic Monitoring and Analysis?

UCaaS Utilization / Traffic Monitoring reports identify the following to ensure you are allocating the right resources within your organization, making the right hiring decisions and driving workforce productivity: performance and productivity for Call Centers, Customer Service, and Help Desk to set attainable growth goals, specific location costs, high-volume, peak timeframes call frequency and duration 24/7. 

What is UCaaS Trend Monitoring and Organizational Reporting & Analysis?

UCaaS Trend Monitoring helps track and reign in UCaaS costs by automatically allocating and charging back costs to the right department / cost center. As automation drives accuracy and process efficiency, you’ll be able to budget and forecast with confidence, and eliminate late fees so that as you license subscriptions grow, the ROI on your UCaaS investments can too.  

Trend Monitoring

What measures can Enterprises take to ensure Compliance and impove Security?

With Tangoe’s UCaaS Exception Reporting, you can tighten compliance across your organization and mitigate the risk of toll fraud, abuse and misuse. With access to millions of call traffic records, cost-center managers can identify call durations, frequency, and timing (i.e. are the calls placed during or after business hours, and/or to blacklisted locations / countries. This helps strengthen compliance and regulatory protocols and identify policy abuses 

UCaaS Emergency Management Data

What is UCaaS Emergency Management Data?

Emergency Management Usage Data notified managers that an emergency call was placed with the appropriate contact information and provides records needed to be well equipped to respond to legal and/or regulatory inquiries to reinforce workplace safety.  

What are the benefits of UCaaS Vedor License Management?

UCaaS Vendor License Usage Management allows clients to view licenses purchased and costs per license per user across their entire organization in order to determine consumption, utilization and reassess needs. With this feature, you’re able to validate charges to contract, view capacity license usage (used vs unused), charges broken out by assigned users and category level at the user level.  

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