Think Pooled: Why an Unlimited Mobile Data Plan is Probably Not Right for Your Company 

people using cell phones

In our increasingly wireless, remote working world, a reliable mobile connection can be more important than a stable broadband connection. 

Your business – like pretty much every other modern organization – consumes and creates massive amounts of data on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. And that reliance on data is growing equally fast, and this growth has only been further accelerated by the ongoing shift to remote and hybrid work models. 

However, data usage is not uniform from company to company, nor is it uniform from employee to employee. Individual workers have individual data needs. Many companies still fall into the unlimited data trap and are drawn to unlimited data plans because they suggest predictable billing and appear easier to manage … but at what cost? Unlimited plans can lead a company to overspending on mobile data, potentially to the tune of millions of dollars per year for some of the largest enterprise companies. 

Mobile vendors are actively pushing unlimited plans, but the fact is that those don’t always make sense for a company or for individuals within said company. Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services (MMS) and Tangoe Advisory Services (TAS) teams often encourage customers to “Think Pooled!” But what does that mean? 

Pooled data plans are large-scale mobile data plans where a set amount of data is shared among a group of people. For example, 100 employees at a given company using shared data plans would pull from a pool of shared data. These pooled data plans can help companies effectively tame overages, avoid dollar-burning under usage, while remaining connected and productive. Creating an appropriate data pool in combination with leveraging an unlimited plan for users that truly need it would provide the best overall solution. 

All too often, we see companies grossly overpaying for mobile phone and data services. For example, with high mobility program costs looming, Rolls-Royce North America partnered with Tangoe to discover ways to successfully cut costs. Rolls-Royce lacked single-point access for its mobility program, visibility into asset inventory and, notably, usage data. All employees were provided mobile devices with unnecessary data plans and wireless carrier features. Combining Tangoe’s MMS with robotic process automation (RPA) powered by AI and machine learning, Tangoe was able to toggle mobile device plans in real time to adjust for roaming, hotspot access, and travel necessities which saw instant and continuous savings, amounting to a 45% reduction in costs per mobile device and a first-year savings of $750,000. This is just one example of how Tangoe One MMS has helped save clients millions of dollars annually. 

By expertly analyzing data usage across your organization, Tangoe’s leading Advisory Services team and Tangoe One MMS can help accurately define true data needs, identify the optimal, cost-efficient plan (or plans) and negotiate (or renegotiate) the best price possible. This allows our customers the flexibility to choose and to optimize costs where it makes most sense for the users and the company. 

With smartphones accounting for 65% of the mobile devices currently managed across our client portfolio, Tangoe remains on the leading edge of the shifting mobility landscape. Whether you’re looking for auditing and optimization support so that you only pay for what you need and use or to automate and simplify your mobility invoicing processes, Tangoe One MMS has you covered with a 360-degree view of all mobile devices and expenses, wherever they are, and whoever the provider is. 

Are you tired of overpaying for unnecessary unlimited mobile data plans? Think a pooled plan might be right for you? Let us help find you the perfect plan at the right cost