6 Things You Need to Know About a Major Enhancement to the Tangoe Platform for Cloud

6 Things You Need to Know About a Major Enhancement to the Tangoe Platform for Cloud

The cloud makes data easily accessible from anywhere, which — in theory — means enterprises become more mobile and innovative while saving money on data center and energy costs.

But in reality, many enterprises that migrate to the cloud experience chronic challenges, from lack of centralized visibility to overspending on budget and overestimating capacity and business needs.

To solve these challenges, Tangoe today announced a major enhancement to the Tangoe Platform for cloud, the solution to help enterprises optimize their cloud spend and effectively manage complex cloud environments, revealing issues that organizations may be unaware of. The enhanced cloud application – available now – delivers all of the capabilities of the original CEM solution, including proactive usage management and industry-leading cloud expense management, along with new features powered by enhanced automation and an all-new reporting and analytics engine.

Tangoe’s CEM application offers an enterprise three key benefits:

●        Visibility into cloud spend, by linking all cloud expenses and assets to departments or cost centers in one place. This helps organizations effectively leverage available cloud resources, control usage and spend, identify trends and accurately forecast future needs.

●     Cost allocation and analysis, which transforms complex cloud billing data into meaningful information through tagging, reporting and analytics to enable more informed business decisions.

●        Easy ways to optimize usage and spend through governance policies and procedures, which allows an organization to manage the acquisition and utilization of cloud assets and approve, allocate and forecast cloud resources and expenses.

Three cool new features in the enhancement include:

●        Pulse alerts: These customizable alerts send an email notification when a predetermined limit in budget, storage or time frame is reached, allowing customers to act on rising cloud costs and avoid any potential cost shock.

●        Automated data pulls: The Tangoe Platform now connects via API to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure portals to automatically import detailed daily usage data and tagging information into one centralized location, allowing advance reporting on issues like false alerts, and ensuring accuracy for ongoing reporting and cost allocation. These daily data pulls allow organizations to be efficient in their cloud spend, right-sizing their cloud footprint by showing what cost centers are using which resources.

●        New reporting and analytics: The solution features an all-new reporting and analytics engine that provides comprehensive cloud service data, allowing organizations to pinpoint opportunities for savings, reveal hidden issues and make proactive decisions.

Cloud is a tremendously beneficial technology — but only if enterprises are able to optimize the way they use it. Learn how Tangoe’s solution goes beyond expense management to help an organization get the most out of cloud.